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Updated on November 15, 2011
K.C. asks from Redmond, WA
7 answers

Hi Mamas,

What are your most brilliant out-of-the-box entertainment ideas for your kiddos when you travel?

My kiddos are 3 (almost 4) and 1. We're making a trip from WA to the Midwest this week that will involve flying and a couple of longer drives. We've done the trip plenty of times before, so I'm comfortable with the mechanics of it. I'm just looking for some new and improved ideas for small, lightweight, quiet entertainment for the little ones. I'd LOVE to be able to surprise them with something new en route!


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answers from Houston on

This might be more for your 3 yo but this is what I brought for my kid on the plane or road since he was 2...

Kids books w/CD, where there is a sound like a ping when its time to turn the page.

Post in notes. My kid would stick them on everything and I love them b/c they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Popscicle sticks for playdoh. (throw a few in a baggie w/a playdoh so you don't have to worry about those darn cans and then you can just throw out after the trip)

A calculator.

Action songs CDs - like Laurie Berkner

Color Wonders

We always brought a small notebook for sticker time or coloring, just so we didn't have to worry about paper all over the place.

We bought a new cookie tray and used that for magnets which we put in a bag.

Mini flashlight



answers from Anchorage on

little toys that are wrapped up and you can pull them out periodically for your toddler - art stuff or little dolls/cars, clay etc. color wonder sets, for baby little interactive soft books with sparkles and squeakies in them or mini block books that r lift-the-flap are fun as are mini-chewy toys and rattles or mini toys that light up (but have volume control) If you can pull them out one at a time thru the travel it could buy you some peace. Also, a ziplock with noodles and string that your older one can thread gives them a fun activity that is inexpensive and can be left behind. My mother-in-law collected the round metal lids from concentrated juice cans to make a memory game we have in a ziplock too - put matching stickers on two at a time and you can build a fun memory game that you won't worry about losing. Also fun to stack, clap together for baby.



answers from Portland on

Great question! I well remember the challenge I had trying to entertain/occupy my little one for her 9 hour jaunts across country in the airplane. I often headed off to the dollar store and purchased doodads that, if lost, were no biggie. We still use the little chalkboard I bought at the dollar store. I also used to put baggies of construction paper and stickers, we made greeting cards out of them as well. I bought little containers of playdough and we made all sorts of little creatures on the airplane lunch trays, then bagged them up accordingly. I even taught my little one some easy stitching and we made felt ornaments (trees or hearts, whatever your child desires) using embroidery yarn, a big needle, and a little sewing kit purchased at the dollar tree. Of course, books are great to take, too, if you are not the one driving and you can just read to your children. Good luck and happy traveling!



answers from Portland on

we are planning to use travel size games on our next trip, like connect 4.



answers from Seattle on

The color wonders work great and are always a fun treat :0)

On our recent trip to CA I brought colorbooks/crayons, book for each, a plain notebook & pen (my kids love to draw), ipods and a bag of Starburst candies.


answers from Kalamazoo on

I like the Aqua Doodle stuff.
The 3 yr old could string together paper clips!
A small foam ball to toss around if you have room and need to burn off some energy!
Bubble wrap?



answers from Beaumont on

bubbles and "I spy" games. That should be good for at least 1 hour!!

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