Travel Beds for 2 Year Old That Still Sleeps in a Crib...

Updated on December 05, 2010
E.R. asks from Fort Myers, FL
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Hi Moms! My son is 28 months old and we are getting set for some hefty travel plans over Christmas. My mom's house won't be a problem as she has a regular sized crib, but my in-laws don't have anything and so we have to bring our own arrangements for my son. He has definitely outgrown his Pack'n'Play. At home, my son still happily sleeps in his crib and hasn't yet tried to climb out, so we are not any too eager to move to a toddler bed until we have to. At child care, he sleeps on a cot for naps, although never as good or as long as he does when he naps at home. He is a mover when he sleeps too, so I am a bit reluctant about some of the cots (like Regalo). Anyone ever tried the Kidco PeaPod Plus? Anyone have suggestions from their own experiences about what to buy and how to get the kiddos to actually sleep in it? THANKS!

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answers from Boca Raton on

We used the PeaPod for our 5 month old and 3 year old at different times. I ordered it a few months before our trip and had them both sleep in it in their rooms. My three year old LOVED it although it did wake him up a few times because it's noisy when he moves around. It didn't work as well for the baby; the noise when he moved woke him up too much. At our last destination, we actually ended up just putting the three year old on a pad of blankets on the floor and he slept well. I felt the PeaPod was a bit too pricey.



answers from Orlando on

There is an Aerobed for kids that has contoured sides so they can't roll out, Comes w/ a pump and comfy mattress pad, and rolls up into a pack you can carry over your shoulder. Not cheap, but not too expensive as it is a good quality. Does not keep them confined, however, if that is what you are looking for.



answers from New York on

When my son was about this age and we visited the in laws we had him in a bed with a rail. A twin bed mattress on the floor is also a safe option. The only problem is him getting out of bed whenever he wants (we had to sit with our son until he was asleep or nearly asleep).



answers from Miami on

I have a 29 month old girl and bought the Peapod Plus in March when she started climbing out of the pack n play. I love it, but it's not perfect. The zippers are on both sides so they can get out by themselves. I solved this by putting a safety pin through the two front zipper pulls which works great. I also put a crib sheet on the mattress instead of zipping the mattress underneath. Pay attention to the descriptions of
Each tent has different features, not just colors which is not clear. Red is best because it comes with a sleeping bag. Mattress has a toxic smell. Definitely air it out before sleeping. I've already had one mattress pop, but they sent me a new one for no charge. It's kind of noisy when my daughter moves around at night, but I just wear earplugs to drown out some of the noise. It sounds like it's all negative, but my daughter and I do really like this tent. Just want you to be aware. Also, the tent is very hard to collapse at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Make sure to watch the how to video on website. The pump is a joke. Use your mouth and it's not a big deal. Hope this helps! Good luck

great. I also put a crib sheet around themmayt



answers from Jacksonville on

We have a Kidco PeaPod that my 6 month old uses when we travel. It works great for him, but if your son is too big for a Pack N Play, he will definately be to be for the peapod. It's a lot smaller.



answers from Jacksonville on

When my son out grew the pack and play for our travel, I got him a Cars sleeping bag that has a blow up air mattress that fits in it. Got it at Kmart for 20 bucks maybe. It's kinda cheap as we've had to patch a couple of holes at the seams and the 'foot' pump that comes with it is garbage so we just used our Coleman air pump for our big blow up mattress. He seemed to sleep on it good though for the times we've used it.

Good luck!

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