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Updated on January 10, 2012
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

Most hotels we go to are able to furnish us a crib or a pack and play, this summer though we'll be doing a whistlestop tour and visiting family, so toting our own seems like the right thing to do. Have any of you used the kidco peapod lite?

Is it less bulky than a pack and play? we'll be travelling internationally, and don't want to use up the meager luggage weight allowances.

Our DS is 15 months old, and 30" long. We don't want to transition him to a bed until we absolutely must. We quite enjoy knowing he is safe in his crib and not up to antics after we've put him down. If not the peapod, is there some other easy to use toddler sleep containment unit you could recommend?

Thanks a bunch.
Fanged Bunny

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have 4 kid and have bought our share of...well, everything, before we end up knowing what works for us.

We bought the AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids. My first son didn't sleep well on it, but the rest have. It's heavy and bulky, AND so loud when they move around at night. It's 12 pounds.

We then bought the Regalo My Cot Portable Bed Royal Blue and it's easy up and down, packs nicely and doesn't take up a top of space. It's weight is 7 pounds, which the Pack N Play is 20 pounds.

Depending on your child and his size, the KidCo PeaPod with Self-Inflating Mattress might be your best bet. The reviews show without the mattress that the ground gets very hard. It's weight is 4.5 pounds. It would seem a bit claustrophobic for a 15 month old, but perhaps not. Buy it early and find out, so you have time to change your mind, if necessary.

Have fun!



answers from Washington DC on

I don't know if it's still on the market but years ago we used an inflatable toddler bed that goes right on the floor and looks exactly like a little blue life raft with fat rounded sides! We got it from the catalog, I'm sure. You will need to ensure it comes with a foot pump. We travel internationally every year to see family and used it for about two years before our daughter outgrew it. It deflates and was much lighter than a toddler bed with metal frame etc. would have been.

This will not corral your little one and isn't, as you called it, "toddler sleep containment." Your child will be able to get out of it because it's not high-sided like a pack and play kind of product. It sounds like your son isn't getting out of his crib yet, but when he is big and mobile enough to climb out of a crib or over the side of a pack and play, he's too old for them, and for his safety should be in a toddler bed at home and something similar (not high-sided) when traveling. Maybe your son isn't getting out of his crib at home yet but when he does please go ahead and move him to a bed or mattress on the floor even though it means you'll all have the transition of his being able to get up. A friend's daughter fell from the raised top rail of her crib the first time she tried to climb out and broke her arm; the doctor said it was just luck that the child didn't land on her head or neck and do much worse damage. Just something to consider when your child really is ready to get out of a crib.


answers from Los Angeles on

I love our inflatable toddler mattress with bumpers. However she was three when we trasitioned to this method. There is a light weight travel system I looked into and would have bought it but it costs over $200. Its the Bjorn travel bed light. Phil and Teds sells a comparable item, but the reviews for ease of use on the Bjorn were better.



answers from New York on

Hi -

We kept our son at our bedside until he was about 2 1/2 - 3 yrs old for medical reasons. At first we used a Graco travel bed next to my bed which worked for a while but eventually he out grew it. He is tall for his age. However - I found this online -
(I hope the link works) - its a 'play yard' but we used it for sleeping. I was able to find a mattress that would fit inside to make it more comfortable. I no longer use it but it helped us get through another year at our bedside before we were comforatble enough to let him sleep in his own room.

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