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Updated on July 15, 2009
M.W. asks from Arcadia, CA
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I made an earlier post regarding air travel and loved all of the suggestions, but now I need some ideas for a travel bed for my 28 month old daughter. We will be taking an airplane and don't want to have to lug our very heavy pack n' play. We were looking for something that is portable, lightweight, yet comfortable and sturdy enough for my tall 30 pound toddler. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful links and suggestions. After much research, we have decided to go with the Aerobed for Kids. The places that we will be staying at will not have any other cribs or pack n' play available so we needed something that we could bring along. We got a good deal for the bed and we can't wait to use it! Thanks again!

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can she sleep in a normal bed? Or a sleeping bag on the floor? My daughter no longer fits in her pack n play, so I just fold up a blanket on the floor. It works.

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This is what we used for our son/kids, when we stayed at a local hotel once:
Its a flip open sofa bed, toddler sized, super comfy, both my kids like it. Of course, I don't know how it will "travel" on an airplane. Its the only way my son, who was about 1 years old at the time, would sleep in our hotel room. Its super light, easy to carry and so portable. My kids use it all the time at home too, even at their current ages.

Here are other colors/designs of this same sofa:

Or, here is another option, by Walmart as well,:

Your child is almost 2.5 years old, so she could sleep in lots of ways... not just in a "crib" per say.

Hope this helps,



answers from Los Angeles on

i'm not sure you have thought about this but if you are staying in a hotel or time share you can reserve a pack and play. i have 3 kids and we have never had to lug around a porta crib almost everywhere provides them for you. be sure if you are going to do this you reserve one in advance because some properties only have a few and it is the worst if you get there late and they don't have any left...yes this did happen to us once & we learned our lesson.



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if your staying in a hotel then ask if they have a crib to use. but if your staying with family maybe they know a friend that will have a pack and play for you to use or maybe that can find one at a yard sale and clean it up for you. other then that co sleep i guess.



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I got the pea pod portable travel bed by Kidco. I bought the larger ones for toddlers so my twin girls (turning 3 in August) could use them for a long time. We travel ALOT. I looked at alot of beds, tried having play pens set up whereever we were going & when I found the pea pods discounted to about $59 each (from $99 originally) I bought them. I felt it important for my girls to recognize their bed. They started in them at about 1.5 yrs. old. This last trip one of my girls said "I love my tent mommy". I take their blankets & bunnies with us & they feel at home in their "tent". We of course bought pink. Once you get used to the pop up feature, and how to fold it back down, it's a cinch! I didn't even use the blow up mattress the last trip, so next time I will probably leave it at home to make it even lighter to travel with. The pea pod should last you until she is 5 or so if you get the larger one! Have fun travelling.



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I can't really speak for any of these products because I haven't personally used them, but I've seen them. This website has reviews so that helps!

You may be able to find these products elsewhere on the internet (like Amazon) for a cheaper price. I just like to start at this website because they have such neat items. And they have awesome customer service. They once accidentally sent me some extra items with one of my orders and I emailed them about it and they said I could keep them for free! They were over a $60 value.



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We have a 21 month old and 8 month old and we travel a lot. Immediately after our eldest was born we bought the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light. It was a lot pricier than the other pack 'n' plays, travel cribs, etc., but it was the most compact and easy to transport. Both of our kids have used this now, and never once have we had a problem with it. Back when I ordered it there was no fitted sheet available that worked with it (the mattress is an odd side and so pack n play sheets don't work), so my dad ended up making us a custom sheet for it. But I did notice that now offers a fitted sheet specifically made for this model. I have honestly never regretted this purchase, it has been invaluable. We use it to travel, any time we want to set the babies up outside (when gardening, etc.), for the beach, camping, etc.



answers from San Diego on

Hi Miranda,
I feel your pain but we found the aerobed for kids and my soon to be 4 year old daughter loves it. Its great because it blows up in no time and theres a little ledge or lip around the edge so they can't fall out. You can use it until they reach 90lbs and it comes with a fleece cover that fits snug. It does get a little noisy at nite when they move around if you don't fill it up enough. It comes in a travel drawstring bag. The bag is not a snug fit so we can fit a pillow and a blanket in there too. Its still something to pack, carry, and check in but smaller and lighter than a paknplay.

But I guess it won't help much if your little one sleeps in the crib and not used to sleeping in an open bed. Check it out on Hope that helps.

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