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Updated on April 28, 2008
M.Z. asks from Torrance, CA
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Any tips on putting baby in the crib? My daughter is 3 1/2 months old and has totally outgrown the bassinet. (She's been sleeping in that next to our bed.) Her bedroom is right next to ours, and I just got the crib all ready for her with the thing that prevents them from rolling over-I think it's called an incline.It goes inside the crib and looks like two rolled blankets, one on each side of them... I haven't done well with the crib in the past. Son sleeps with us and he's two. (He climbed out at a year, even on the lowest setting) I was also wondering about the crib bumpers. Someone said they weren't safe? Thoughts?? Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

they say the bumper is only safe until they are "rollers". With your son climbing out at 1, make sure you have a good crib that goes all the way down. I am a little unsure what you mean by "incline on the crib" the matress should be down flat unless your baby has issues with gerd or reflux. If she does have those issues, then there are proper incline pillows to put under the matress to incline your baby to the proper level. These matresses come with a snuggle for your baby to be strapped into so even if she is a "roller" she is strapped in. There shouldn't be anything on top of the matress except the sheet. Try to put her in her new bed for naps first to get her used to it, and then go for the nights. She may wake up a bit more the first few nights, but then she will be fine. Be sure that when she starts to roll you dropped the crib one notch, when she is sitting unassited you drop another then when she can pull her self up to a standing position its dropped all the way. Happy sleeping!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M. :)
I just transitioned my baby from her bassinet to her crib last week. I was really concerned that my baby would not like her crib, but I made the transition slowly. First, I moved her bassinet closer and closer to her crib so that it eventually was right next to the crib. I did this to get her used to the new space because her bassinet was in a different location than her new crib. It did this over 2 days, moving the bassinet closer to the crib. On the third day, I put her in it for her first morning nap. I chose this time so that she would get used to it during the day and then at night she slept in her crib. She actually seems a lot more happy and comfortable in her new bed. I would advice that once you decide to put her in the crib, not to put her in the bassinet again. My friend did this and it ended up being a long process because the baby got confused.
A friend of mine uses breathable bumpers. She purchased them because her baby's foot got caught in-between the slate and she was concerned about her doing it again.
Go for it, I'm certain it will turn out fine!

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answers from Honolulu on

My son went from a Moses basket to a crib. You just have to do it...and see how they adjust. Have a routine, consistency is the key. Some people, instead of placing the baby in the middle of the crib...will put the baby on one end of the crib instead....the idea is to have them in a more "confined" or snuggly place in the crib...versus right there in the middle where they are in a huger area. Some babies don't like the "open" wide spaces of a crib. Each child is different... my girl did not like cribs, my son on the other hand loves his crib, and we also co-sleep too. But, at least my son is flexible and he will sleep either way.

Just remember, that whatever "habit" you start... once the baby gets used to it, then it will be harder to transition them out of it.

Put baby to sleep/nap at the same time each day, and have the same routine to put her to bed....for example, I always give my boy his milk & when he is done I then change him into pajamas, change his diaper, and then I take him to the crib, and while holding him I sing him the SAME song each time, kiss him & then put him in the crib while still awake,pat him, then give him his pacifier and stuffed cow he sleeps with (he started this habit at 6 mos.of age), and then tell him "good night." then I turn around and walk out of the room and close the door. He has learned to self-soothe and falls to sleep on his own. I always put him down while he is still awake. This routine works for him.

Crib bumpers are said to be unsafe.... I used and still use it though. My son was okay with it.

Each child and situation is different. I hope this helps. Good luck,

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answers from Los Angeles on

I transitioned my son from the bassinet to the crib a few weeks ago. I was really worried about it, but he loved the extra room and took to it easily. So you never really know until you try it. As far as the crib environment, you want to make it as safe as possible to reduce the risk of SIDS; this means no bumpers, no comforters or blankets, and no toys. You should only use a tight-fitting crib sheet. I swaddled my son until we transitioned him to the crib. He now sleeps in a sleep sack to keep him warm and safe. I've never used the sleep positioner. If you swaddle your child, you can continue to do that in the crib and won't need it. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

what i did with my daughter at her age was put her in the crib for naps to get her used to it. then tried her in it for the night. as for the bumpers i used them until she started rolling all over because she would pull on then and actually broke the ties. its really just consistancy (and im sure youll hear that a lot) well good luck!

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