Transitioning from Nutramigen with Milk Protien Allergy

Updated on March 31, 2012
T.J. asks from Bronxville, NY
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My 10 month old son was diagnosed with milk protein allergy and egg allergy. I am looking ahead to when I will need to transition him off of Nutramigen to some sort of milk. If I weren't so struggling so much financially I would consider keeping him on it for a few more months, but if there is an alternative I can use, I need to try.
What can I use in place of nutramigen? The last time I tried to move to another formula I tried Prosorbee, he became horribly constipated from it. He was on the changing table screaming because the bowel movement was so hard....won't describe all of it, but now soy scares me. According to the doctor he is not allergic to it despite the severe constipation.
Has anyone tried transitioning their baby to something besides regular milk, from nutramigen? If so what did you try and how did your child do?
I am trying a soy formula once again, one ounce a day to see if I can slowly get his body use to soy. Hopefully it works.

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So What Happened?

My son turned one this week! I decided to keep him on formula for another year. I've switched to enfagrow toddler soy formula, my son is fine with it. I'm so happy to move away from Nutramigen!

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answers from Dallas on

Your child should be on some kind of formula until 12 months. After that, he does not NEED milk, unless he has a very incomplete diet. I have a milk protein allergy. This means I can NOT drink goat's milk. (Also, it's very expensive.) Lactose intolerant people can sometimes do well on goat's milk, because the lactose proteins are smaller. However, with an actual milk allergy, it doesn't matter how small the proteins are. A true milk allergy can't handle goat's milk. Anyway...I have gone my whole life with no milk. I have great health, and I did as a child. My son is 3, and he does not drink milk. He has a very nutritious diet gets his vitamin D from sunshine. (Milk does not actually have good amounts of natural vitamin d, it's mostly added synthetically.) Like I said, when your child turns one...if he has a good balanced diet of proteins and lots of veggies and fruits...he doesn't need to drink milk.

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answers from New York on

My son reacted to soy the same way. I now stay away from soy. We transitioned him to rice milk and made sure he had a good diet despite being food allergic. He is a healthy 4 year old and he still does not consume any dairy/eggs/soy etc. My daughter (18 months) is not dairy allergic but we did not transition her to consuming milk at 12 months. She has a cup of rice milk, if that. She just eats a good diet. Good luck! I know how hard it is to make these decisions.

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answers from Syracuse on

My 4 year old daughter also has had a milk allergy since she was an infant. She started on soy milk but now we mix soy and coconut milk and she's moving toward coconut only. I do try to make sure she gets fats from other sources since those milks are low fat. The Silk yogurt is actually really good for snacks - watch out for the "o'soy" brand by Stonyfield farms - its soy based but their cultures have milk protein. Earth balance margarine will also become your best friend. I recommend FAAN too for support if you are not already a member. Allergies can be overwhelming but luckily there are many products to accommodate them now. You can do it - good luck!

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answers from Albuquerque on

We kept our daughter on Nutramigen until she was about 14 months and then transitioned to goats milk. For some reason, many kids with a milk protein intolerance do just fine on goat's milk. I wouldn't suggest moving a 10 month old to milk -- whether cow or goat. Milk simply doesn't have the nutrition that formula does. But when your son is eating lots of solid food and the formula/milk is only a supplement and not his main source of nutrition, give goats milk a try.



answers from Dallas on

my son was on alimentum which is also for milk allergy, we transitioned him to 2% milk and would mix in 1/2 of the cap of Miralax in with ONE bottle a day of milk to keep him regular. I AM NOT PROUD OF THIS BUT, I went to WIC to get help with the formula..had to lie about my income. yikes



answers from Portland on

My granddaughter was on Nutrimigen because of a milk allergy. I think she transitioned her first to a formula for toddlers at 12 months. Then my daughter transitioned her to fortified rice milk without any difficulty. It is important that a baby has a nutritious diet.



answers from Minneapolis on

My family drinks coconut and almond milk. I've also made rice and oat milk, and they were pretty tasty. After your son turns a year old, try one of them and see how he likes them.

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