Transitioning from Cradle to Pack N Play

Updated on March 13, 2015
N.V. asks from Lawndale, CA
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My 6 month old is too big for his cradle now so we are trying to move him into sleeping in a pack n play in our room. We bought a mattress for it so its more cozy for him. He sleeps from 9-6 in his cradle at night. We put him in the pack n play and he wakes up every couple hours crying. Ugh! We are exhausted but he is just too big for the cradle now. Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks moms!

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answers from Cleveland on

Get a crib. Pack and plays are good for short naps or to contain them if you absolutely have to do something and travel. They are not meant to be used for sleep nightly

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answers from Jacksonville on

Can you put him in a crib instead of a pack n play? Pack and Plays are terribly unstable feeling (in my opinion). Neither of our kids would ever sleep in one. But they both slept like champs in their crib (from day 1--no cradle, no co-sleeping, not in our room even).

A crib is much more secure feeling, and really it IS more secure. The sides are not mesh. And it is higher off of the floor, so baby's view of his surroundings is different than down near the floor, as well. I don't know if the view makes a hill of beans worth of difference to a 6 month old, but...

Also, there could be other reasons for his night waking, if he previously slept through the night. Teething perhaps? Have you checked for that and offered comfort measures for that possibility?

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answers from New York on

Put him I a crib. Pack n plays are fine for traveling but really, would you want to sleep in something like that all night?

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answers from Appleton on

Could he be getting cold? I know conventional thinking is not to use blankets on babies because of the worry over suffocation. He may need to be wrapped in a snuggly of some kind to keep him warm. A cradle is smaller so he doesn't have as much space to warm up with his body heat. They also usually have solid sides vs the pack n play with the mesh sides. Is he directly in the path of a fan or air conditioner or open window?
Babies his age will usually sleep through the night is kept warm enough.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Need to get a crib.
More comfortable.
Pack n' plays are for short naps or if you have to take one to someone's
Get a new crib (will be up to safety code & have a good mattress) & don't
put those fancy bumpers up (smothering hazard).
Also, when I would put my sleeping baby down to sleep in crib, cradle or
pack n' play, I would lean way over w/them in my arms so I'd be close to
the mattress so they didn't get that sensation of falling.
When I used the cradle, it was on wheels so I could move it around the
house to a quiet corner etc.
The crib was in baby's room w/a baby monitor.

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answers from Portland on

We found them too drafty in the winter when the floor got cold at night for ours to sleep well. Ok during day for naps, but would get chilled in the night this time of year. I agree with ReverendRuby.

Could you try a crib instead, would one fit in your room?

I agree with Marda P on getting him back to sleep if it's just a transition thing. That's what I did with my kids ... the shh and not picking them up.

Good luck :)

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answers from Washington DC on

why not get him a bed that fits him in his own room?

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answers from Portland on

I suggest if just takes time for her to get used to the pack 'n play. Just quietly help her get back to sleep. Pay little attention to her. Pat her back, say sh,, sh.

Did the cradle rock. Transitioning to a bed that doesn't rock is big change. Be patient, let her cry or fuss for 5 minutes or so before going in to her. Then go in AR increasingly longer intervals In between going to her. Keep your time with her low key. Trust her to figure this out.

Added: My 21 month granddaughter has slept in a pack n play since the beginning and has had no difficulty sleeping in it. The reason for the pack n play is it's smaller size. Their apartment is small.

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