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Updated on October 31, 2010
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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My daughter is nineteen months and I know it's time to get rid of bottles completely. She typically has only two a day. I tried giving her milk in her sippy cup yesterday afternoon (the second milk serving) but she wasn't interested. One of the problems is that she likes the milk warmed. I poured the milk into a bottle to warm up because the sippy cup is thick and will take forever to warm. Then I transferred the milk into the sippy cup without seeing the bottle at all. Still she wasn't interested more than a few sips. Do I just keep doing this and offer her the sippy cup? My next challenge after this is eliminating the pacifier. Thank you!

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So What Happened?

I always give Alyssa a sippy cup throughout the day with either water or juice. So it is just the two bottles a day. I guess I just have to keep offering it to her. I figure I will give her a bottle when she wakes up in the morning but keep working on the afternoon transition first. I can't let her see bottles in the afternoon but if she sees another child with a bottle, that may be hard.

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Does she drink anything from a sippy cup? My son already drank water from a sippy cup, so he was comfortable with that. From there, we just went cold turkey... never gave him a bottle again. At first, he wasn't crazy about milk from a cup. It would take all 3 meals of giving it back to him for him to finish one cup. But the Dr. said if he got yogurt and cheese, it's okay if he doesn't drink a ton of milk. It has been 3 months now and he is finally drinking 2-3 cups of milk a day... but he has never had any desire for a bottle since.

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The rule in our house was "Happy 1st Birthday - Goodbye Bottle"! Seriously, within a week of their first birthdays all three of my children were using sippy cups. My middle son gave me a battle and after consulting with my ped, he simply said "they will drink when they're thirsty". I did have to try three different cups before I found one he was willing to use. My suggestion, get rid of the bottles and offer ONLY the sippy cup. If she knows you're going to give her a bottle eventually, then there's no incentive for her to get used to the cup. Good luck. Sorry, no advice for the paci, we never used them. Hang in there and stay strong - you'll do great!

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The first sippy cups I gave my boys were the ones with the soft tops like a bottle top. Then at a few months they forgot about the bottle and would take different types of sippy cups. They also loved to drink with straws.

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I would not force her there are developmental reasons that sucking is a good thing. She will want to give it up when she is ready or she is around other kids that are drinking out of a sippy cup. If your concerned about speech then make sure she is having foods of different textures. the tongue has to move the food around the mouth more and that helps to coordinate the tongue for speech. On the pacifier my friend to her child to Toys R Us and told him when he gave the cashier his pacifier he got a toy. ( a pretty great one) they went he picked one out and the cashier played along My friend had paid ahead of time somehow. Good luck

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