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Updated on November 20, 2009
A.G. asks from Revere, MA
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We are planning to get our kids a trampoline for Christmas. Can anyone recommend a good brand or share experiences with one they purchased? We definitely want an enclosure for it and want something that will last.

Edited to add, PLEASE stop with the "don't get one they are dangerous" comments. That is not what I asked. I know MANY people who have them and not one person has had an icident. My girls do not rough house or break things and they will ALWAYS be supervised and stopped if anything gets out of hand. So while I appreciate the concern, if you can't answer my question there is no need to respond. I am looking for brand suggestions ~ and info such as is the $200 walmart one any better than the $350 ones at Sams? Thanks!

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If you want a quality trampoline than do NOT buy it from WalMart! I bought one from them three years ago for my children who were then a newborn, three years old and six years old. Within months the pad covers were starting to shred and within a year, to the day, of buying the trampoline, the whole pad was in shreds. The pad is completely gone now as well as several of the springs. The legs do not stay together and there are multiple small tears on the bouncing surface.

Since we live in the county and do not need a cage for insurance purposes, we never got one. Since all of my children are climbers, I was more nervous that they would climb to the top of the cage and fall from 10' high.

We have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of the trampoline. It is my "salvation" on days when the boys are going wild with energy and are bent on destruction. We have put it under the barn roof and they love to jump off of the roof onto the trampoline; they'll jump out of the trees onto it too. I figure, if I have a daredevil child then this is a way to get that urge satisfied.




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We bought one from walmart with the enclosure purchased seperate...worked great for my kids, i always supervised them and never had any problems, the enclosures don't last long after a couple years in the weather, sun, etc..they start ripping and just gradually falling apart so that might be something you have to reinvest in. I think so long as they are supervised, things will go fine...just don't let very many on at a time no matter the size or it will be an accident waiting to happen.



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I purchased my sons at Academy. I'm not sure of the brand, I think they may carry only one. I got the trampoline and enclosure for I believe $249. I haven't had any trouble with it. I have also heard the enclosures don't last long and rip easily. I just make sure my son doesn't lean on it incase it rips. One thing to check into though is your home insurance. I was told that some insurance companies wont allow you to have one or if something happened to a visitor or stranger it wouldn't be covered. I had never heard of this before I mentioned to a friend that I was getting my son one. Doesn't hurt to look into it first. Hope your girls enjoy it!!!



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sorry--didn't read edited post before starting. not sure how to cancel entirely.



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Hey...we have one that is from Academy. The trampoline is still in great condition (several years old), but the things that hold the encolsure to the poles have broken due to the sun. It would cost us $100 to replace these caps, which we might as well get a new enclosure for that amount. My husband is currently rigging something up to reconnect the enclosure to the poles (knowing him, it'll be stronger than the caps were to begin with!). Sorry you are getting such negative feedback, I'm with you...answer the question please! :) We moms are here to support each other :)



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Don't get one. They are an extreme safety hazard. I know a fanily who had so many injuries they were told if you don't get rid of it the ortho was going to call Child Protective Services.

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