Toys YOU Hate/toys That Get Played with the Most JFF

Updated on December 28, 2011
K.B. asks from Dulles, VA
11 answers

I bought the original set of Zhu Zhus before they become the rage. We sold them all 6 months later. They were boring, constantly falling apart, and took up space. Most kids who came over insisted on playing them and quit within 5-10 minutes.

Then she got Zoobles and Sqinkies for her birthday. I really hate them. I make her use her money if she wants to buy the houses.
That is also how I talked her out of Zia Zia. We sold her Littlest Pet Shop two years ago. They were better than all these new ones.

I forbid the computerized pets. We were given several Furr Real pets which are ignored.

So far, we used the Little People, Little Tikes, and Barbies more than anything. How about you?

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answers from Augusta on

I hate pretty much anything that makes noise.
The one thing that I hate the most is those books that have the buttons on them to make sound effects. My kids played with those things ALL the time when they were little.

Easy way to store legos , we have one of those plastic stacked drawers, 5 : 3 small 2 large. the top one is for projects they are working on, the next 2 are for the smaller pieces, the bottom are for the larger pieces or projects that are too tall for the top drawer. And we have a separate snap closed craft box, like one used for beads or fishing stuff, with the dividers for the stuff like mini figs , wheels, axels , tires, specialty pieces , etc.

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answers from Kansas City on

what i can't stand (and my brothers keep buying) are the giant hot wheels sets that take forever to assemble and take up a TON of room. my son LOVES hotwheels cars. and he LOVES those sets. until they come apart (the first time he uses them) and after a few times, M. and dad get sick of reassembling them. he doesn't have room to store them without taking them apart.

honestly the gift my son has played with most from this christmas was a little $5 lego set, i think it's an astronaut with a moon rover. i built it for him yesterday and he basically played with it all day. he also loves his transformers (even though he hasn't figured out how to transform them yet). he plays with them for hours and hours.

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answers from Albuquerque on

My 3-year-old got zoobles from a friend for her birthday and they seem to pop up everywhere! I had never even heard of these things! Anyways, I'm so paranoid that the dog is going to eat/swallow one of them! Besides that, we love the Little People, but they get spread out ALL OVER the room and really hurt when you step on them! Also, the Dora guitar that plays obnoxious music and Dora's nasal voice (a birthday gift from last year)!!

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answers from New York on

I can't stand the electronic toddler toys, as if they're not going to be digital their entire lives. Why rush it?

So here goes; Elmo cell phone, Dora cell phone, Leaptop.

Most used: A $2 lion puppet from Michaels, a book called "No Elephants," our aluminum stove teapot, random stuffed animals including Elmo, oh and our cat toys, if we can't help it!

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answers from Dallas on

My 4.5 yr old got this cardboard playhouse thing from walgreens and ut was 20 bucks. Its like a huge coloring book! You use markers to decorate the house. Its the neatest thing. So instead of spending hundreds on a plastic playhouse this one was cheap and so cute! Her cadfage patch kid (I thought she would love) was more expensive and she hasn't even played with the damn doll!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I, for O., can say that I LOATHE the sound recorder and manipulation feature in the DSXL. HATE it. Over and over......

As for what's getting used in our house the most, right now? Xbox360.
And army guys. ($9.99)

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answers from Salt Lake City on

The toys I hate the most are also the ones that get played with the most!
-Legos: Hate em because they are always everywhere. Even when they are "cleaned up" I will find random lego blocks when I am sweeping and vacuuming. But at least they get a lot of use!
-Video games: Hate em because the kids love em so much! The kiddos are always so excited to get Lego Star Wars or something similar from Santa...but then within a day or so I want to hide it because they will bug me to play it incessantly.
-Art supplies: Hate em again because there are ALWAYS scissors, paper scraps, beads and whatnot left out. I am glad that my middle child loves to create things (in fact, she rarely plays with actual toys, she just does art projects all day)... but EGADS! There is always paint smeared on the counter or her clothes, and then we have way too many "masterpieces" on the fridge to sort through!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My kids are a little older, but they used play with Polly Pockets more than anything else. We had quite the collection. I like the older ones best, the ones that actually were made of soft rubber and were bendable. The newer hard pieces that snapped together were junk.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son's favorites are cars and trucks, train table, play kitchen and board games. I also sell Discovery Toys and he loves the toddler and preschool products that I carry (he's 4.5). he's even starting to play the games for 5 and 6 year olds. Legos and blocks are also popular.

I really like the Little People stuff, but he never played with it as much as I would have thought or hoped.

My daughter is 14 months. She has a little tea set that she's really into right now. She also likes my son's cars, the train table and the kitchen.

If you're interested in seeing the Discovery Toys (they are fun, educational, and come with a lifetime warranty), check them out at



answers from Shreveport on

little tykes, and little people are the best...



answers from Cleveland on

hmmm this is a really really good question.

For the little guys, definately Little People, we loved our geo tracks too. And the shopping cart you could push everywhere.

Stupedest gift was a guitar, it looked real but what 4 yo can do anything thing with it besides make M. bonkers and i think our was a regift from my nephew because it was a left handed one and my son is righty.

Dd is not hot at all with barbies, polly pockets, loving family doll house, or doll babies of any kind. but she will spend hours with the jumbo melissa and dough coloring book.

Ds loves his legos. now to figure out how to store them. not so hot was the magic kit that was supposed to come with a dvd and didn't or atleast we never found it mixed in with the wrapping paper last christmas.

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