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Updated on July 10, 2012
C.M. asks from Freeburg, IL
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Hey mamas!! Twice my daughter has yelled to me "I want that!" when watching a commerical during one of her cartoons (this rarely happens...LOL). One was for a pillow pet style animal but not the Pillow Pet brand. Another was some sort of sticker or nail polish 'creator'. Does anyone know what these websites are? I have tried Googling different variations of "As Seen on TV" but I do not believe they are sold by the "As Seen on TV" brands/stores.

Thanks in advance!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on


Mine used to do the same thing.
Now that he's 9, he makes fun of the Happy Nappers commercials! Is is a Happy Napper?

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answers from Columbia on

Sorry if this is too obvious - id do it for you but I'm on my phone (actually in the maternity ward - our second came yesterday)

Instead of 'as seen on tv' which is actually a brand name, maybe try 'nick jr pillow advertised' and similarly 'sticker creator nick jr'. Something more along those lines might do the trick.

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answers from New York on

Cuddle Uppets? I'm hearing the jingle in my head right now!

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answers from Dallas on

hahaha, my daughters don't do that, for some reason, but when I was little I did it ALL THE TIME. My parents used to make fun of me and yell, "I WANT!" when a toy commercial came on. It was sort of a running joke around the family.

I think it's wrong to market directly to kids, but that's another post entirely, LOL.

Dad On Purpose had a good idea, try that!

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answers from New York on

Maybe... Cuddle Cuddle Uppets, Blankets that are puppets... or so the song goes...


My daughter is hung up on the dream light. She really wants one, so I am helping her save for it. Would she rather have X or put the money towards the Dream Light.

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answers from Columbia on

How old is she?

I tell my boys that if they like something, they should make a list and be sure that it has all the information about the toy so I know where to look for it when a holiday or birthday comes up.

Keep a pen and tablet in the living room. :-)


answers from Chicago on

I think you are talking about the happy nappers - those puppetuppets are creepy looking! My son is addicted to Pillow Pets, he has 4 (one small one for travel/overnights) and the others are constantly in his bed or with him! Not sure about the nail thing - luck of the draw with a boy! Walgreens, CVS and Walmart do carry most of the as seen on TV stuff!

So here is the as seen on tv website!

Maybe this is it?



answers from Indianapolis on

If you can't find the "as seen on TV" stuff at Walmart, I almost always find it at Walgreens. I rarely go into Walmart but my daughter and I were out shopping the other day and we found the nail art one at Meijer and we saw it at Walgreens also. Is it the one that has a little die cut plastic piece that you put nail polish over and then scrape the extra polish off with the plastic piece then stamp the stamper on the paper then put it on your nail? If that's the one, Walgreens and Meijer both have it.


answers from Norfolk on

When I use to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I'd occasionally see something that would make me say the exact same thing.
Doesn't mean I'll ever get it. :-)
Watch for the commercial(s) again and take note of contact and/or brand name information.
You will have better luck Googling it next time.



answers from Omaha on

Oh yes!! My kids have fallen prey to all the advertisements in between their shows. Their favorites are: Happy Nappers, Cuddle-uppets, stompeez (puppet slippers), Dreamlites. We have seen the tattoo/sticker/polish one too, but can't remember the name of it. Sparkle art or shimmer art, maybe?
I told my kids to tell Chippy (our elf on the shelf) when he comes back on Thanksgiving night. Most of these items eventually end up at Walmart or Walgreens at half the price.
My son has wanted squishybaff (this nasty slurpee type nonsense you put in the bathtub that turns it into a huge slushie in a variety of colors. It's truly disgusting. We finally saw it at walmart, but I still didn't get it because my son has pretty sensitive skin. I was afraid it would break him out!



answers from Missoula on

Usually, they are things sold in normal stores. You might try to Google the item itself.

Walmart almost always has the junk I see on TV. They have pillow pet things around $20... not sure if it's the pillow pet brand...along with those 'happy napper' things.



answers from Houston on

Was it a dream lite? They look like pillow pets with a night light in their back. Only $39.99 plus shipping. OUCH!

And the other thing was probably what my daughter was asking for. That glitter tattoo maker. I looked online at this, it's just stencils, school glue and glitter. I plan on making my own.


answers from Milwaukee on

Try to get the name of the product and google that without the "as seen on tv" part added.

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