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Updated on April 01, 2010
S.C. asks from Bowling Green, OH
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My niece is missing part of her brain. As a result, she has low muscle tone and is nearly blind. My sister is looking for some toys that light up and play music. I know there are a ton of them out there, but most need some type of interaction from baby. Since my niece can barely lift her arms, those toys don't work for her. What she wants is something sort of like a bar that has different lights and plays music. Ideally, she'd like for the toy to play for a certain amount of time before shutting off. She's looking for something that she can attach to a car seat, stroller and swing, or something that would be easily adapted to do that. We've both looked and looked on the net and aren't finding what we're looking for. I figured I'd come to you ladies to see if you had any suggestions. Things like mobiles don't work because they project the image too far away from the baby. It needs to be really close to her face so she can see it.

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answers from Evansville on

We like this one a lot: My son is nearly 3, but it could certainly be enjoyed at any age (he's had it for more than a year now). We bought it to use in the car, but it works well in the crib, too. There is a strap in the back so that it can be attached. It plays music (two volume settings) and lights up with the beat as it plays. It doesn't play for long on its own... maybe 3-4 minutes, but it's very soothing music. We like it...

And yes, Discovery Toys are a great place to look, too!

Best of luck to you,

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answers from Grand Rapids on

ToysRUs has a "Differently-Abled" toy guide on their website. It's in with their weekly ads. That may have some ideas for you.



answers from Dallas on

I agree with Dori. Based on what you said in your post I would assume the baby is getting services already. Those people would be the ones who could give you tons of ideas. I teach Kinder and get catalogs in the mail all the time for toys that help special needs kids. Sadly, I throw them right into the recycle box at my school without even looking at them so I can't even recall a name. But, her therapist would have those right at hand. Best of luck and many blessing to the sweet baby.



answers from Columbus on

Consult an occupational therapist, they will have access to many different distributors of toys for kids with special needs and may know exactly where to get what you are looking for.




answers from Toledo on

It sounds as though she is relatively young yet. I know how the law works with regards to Child Find and I assuming in the not so distant future (if they haven't already), your local Board of DD will be contacting your sister for some type of services/therapy. They should have lots of ideas, but also calling your area preschool that services children will multiple disabilities (MD), they can also provide you with some helpful ideas. It could also be as simple as setting your niece in front of a window and hanging various prisms from the window in order to project different colors of lights and when their is a breeze from the window or a fan, the colors will jump around. Also, many of the children with MD enjoy a light breeze on their face. God bless your niece.



answers from Gainesville on

Does your niece get therapy? I would ask her therapist because there are lots of specialty websites out there dedicated to special needs kids and their toys. Her OT or PT should have some of those sites right at their fingertips!



answers from Indianapolis on

have you ever heard of Discovery Toys? They are wonderful and great for educational "therapy" if you will for children with special needs. My sister has a down syndrome son and I got my nephew the blocks they have to help with his decreased muscle tone. Go online and see if you can find a local salesperson to help you out - plus I'm sure you could view items online.

Good luck!
A. V.



answers from Columbus on

Not sure if this would help or not. My daughter has some gross and fine motor delays. One day when we were workng with her Physical Therapist at her school I noticed alot of the equipment with the same website on it. Went home and googled it. Found a place where there are all sorts of things for special needs kids. Not sure how old your niece is, but might be worth looking at for her. The site is called
Hope this helps.

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