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Updated on May 23, 2011
J.R. asks from Riverdale, NJ
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Jr is 3 1/2 and I keep a wishlist on amazon for him and I'm updating it. Its mostly for my mom because she never knows what to get him and that makes it easy for her. What are your kids favorite toys, or your favorite toys for them?

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answers from Portland on

blocks, by far (I have a 4 year old son, by the way)
cars/construction vehichles
magnetic blocks
Tubation (connecting tubes-- my son is interested in water, storm drains and sewers)
Marbles/marble shooter
Dover book stencils
colored pencils
Plan Toys cone puzzle
any instrument he can get his hands on
ramps and boards (even cardboard works fine for this)

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answers from Boston on

sand and water table
plastic golf clubs
wooden train set and trains
monster trucks
race cars
bubble lawnmower
little tikes car
large floor puzzles
arts n crafts box (markers, paper,glue,crayons)
musical instruments

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answers from Honolulu on

3.5 year old boys like: (well per my son when he was that age and even now at 4.5 years old):

-Puzzles or Toddler puzzles
-Hot Wheels, and/or with a race track
-cooking toys
-gardening toys
-building toys
-Leapfrog "Leapster" learning game system. A hand held game. Very fun and educational. (my kids were playing this since 2 years old and it grows with them). I HIGHLY recommend this.
-things for outside in the yard.... digging tools, buckets etc.
-Play Doh
-Water toys for the bathtub
- Dinosaur toys
- trucks
- drawing things, washable felt markers & paper etc.
- board games for 3 year olds.
- bike or tricycle
- balls
- Legos
- remote control cars

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answers from New York on

My 3.5 yr old son is all hot wheels, all the time. He has tons of cars but I'm adding lots of tracks, ramps etc to our amazon wishlist.

He seems to be starting a fascination with superheros. Spiderman seems to be a favorite. So perhaps it's time for action figures?

He likes Playdoh and all the various rollers, cutters, shapers etc.

I read some of the other answers as I personally am mighty sick of hot wheels. We have a lot of the other things suggested so I'll just add my observations. Of course all kids are different...

Mine is not much of a builder. We have 3 types of blocks - large cardboard blocks, foam blocks, and wooden blocks. He only uses them to make car ramps, tracks etc. The large cardboard ones are his least favorite.

Some specific books my son really likes (that we like too) are:
Library Lion, by Michelle Knudson
Miles to Go, by Jamie Harper
Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, by Jackie Davis
Duck on a Bike, by David Shannon


Now I've thought about this a bit more. My son like puzzle, but really prefers floor puzzles to table puzzles. And while I start with the border, he starts with the face. So floor puzzle with faces. We have a 36 pc Curious George puzzle, a 24 piece Thomas the Train puzzle, and a alphabet train puzzle that he likes.

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answers from Kansas City on

Hy son LOVES water play! How about a pool!?
Sand box - make sure it has a cover so cats won't get in it when you aren't looking ;)
Bubble mower
Puzzles & Books!! <~~~ good at any age! (my son has 24, 48, and 63 piece puzzles)

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answers from Sherman on

I love learning toys. I am planning to get my son the read-a-long thing from leapfrog. Leapfrog and V-Tech have a lot of great products.

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answers from Norfolk on

My mom found a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Learning Laptop which he is playing with now.
Trampoline. You can get one with a bar he can hold onto for inside or a larger one that comes with a safety net all around.
Toy cars, trains, tracks, etc.
Handy Manny toolset.
Toy musical instruments.
Ball pit and/or Playhut.

Just giving a quick look around.... :-)


answers from Redding on

DINOSAURS!!! And other animals. And her imagination..Man she is the biggest tomboy princess ever! nearly 4yrs.

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