Toy Recommendations for 15 Month Old Boy

Updated on August 05, 2008
E.M. asks from Cary, NC
4 answers

I have a very active 15 month old boy, who loves to roam around the house and play with the oddest of items (VCR case, upside down step stool, plastic easter eggs, shoes etc) I am having a very hard time finding a learning toy that will be interested in for longer than 10 seconds. We have tons of traditional Fisher Price toys, piano, telephone, shape sorters, ball poppers etc. but he had very little interest. I am looking for any toy ideas or recommendations etc.

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my son was exactly the same way....still is. Allkids are like that EVERYTHING is a toy. What makes it a "Learning" toy is how you play with it. If he picks up a VCR container, ask him what colors are on it, describe the picture to him, let him put scraps of paper in it and open it up and dump them out. People always told me that kids like the boxes more than the toys that came in them and it is totally true!

You odn't have to buy toys and I hate how much money we've spent on toys when we could have had a way better time and more "mommy and me" time talking about general stuff around the house.

One of our favorite games is to "paint with water". We just take some paitn brushes and a bowl of water outside on the deck or driveway and he paints ith water. The material gets darker so he can see where he's painted and he gets to play with water -- we also bring cups and turkey basters and scoops and stuff so he can experiment with how water moves -- and we have a ball and ...NO CLEAN UP! it's great! :) Learning toys tend to do the playing for them rather than letting them use their imagination...just my opinion ;)



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Hi E.,
I think is is generally going to be hard to find a toy to keep his interest for very long at his age. Mine was the same way. One thing my husband got my son when he was about 15/16 mos old was the Fisher Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage. My son would play with that for longer than anything else, and loved putting various things on the ramp to watch it roll down. He likes to see what will roll down and what will not- basically works on his cause and effect skills. He is 23 mos now, and still loves this toy. We bought some Little Tikes cars made out of soft squeezable plastic and he uses them on the ramp, as well. Hope this helps.



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Boys like to figure things out.

There are several good "Key & Lock" toys out there. Both my girl & boy have enjoyed them for years. We don't have this one but locks & cars? Perfect for a boy!

We have these and enjoy them:
Gazoobo Shape Sorter by Chicco and
Animal Hospital by Parents



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Get a cute kitchen and a shopping cart and food.
Do you have a sandbox, and a toddler playset in the yard? A little lawnmower? A water and sand table? Blocks? Toddlers love to push things. All mentioned items can be purchased used.

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