Touristry Places in Austin?

Updated on December 07, 2008
A.V. asks from Austin, TX
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Hi Moms,
We are new to the area...feel just like tourists. Where should we start sight-seeing with an almost 3 year old?

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So What Happened?

Wow Ladies! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to the weekends!

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Go see the bats at Congress Bridge, And Downtown Congress, Barton Springs/Zilker park! Have fun at Whole Foods.

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Yes, to all listed in the previous emails, plus we just found (not in downtown) The Natural Gardener out on Old Bee Caves Road (its a wonderful nursery that's fun to explore especially with little ones.) Texas History Museum is interactive and full of lore. Across the street from that is the Blanton Art Museum on UT campus (haven't been to this new site so I'm not sure what's offered for pint sizers) Avoid the Austin Zoo. It's small and overpriced. Go to San Antonio for any zoo action, they have a lovely zoo. In the summer look for Austin Symphony Square concerts for children and try swimming at Deep Eddy and Barton Springs Pool. Cheap fun! Year round, Austin Nature Center near the botanical gardens is a fun romp for 3 year olds, and they have a dinosaur dig pit. Have fun!

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A fun place that your 3 year old will like is Hey Cupcake on the 1600 block of South Congress. It is a cupcake shop in a trailer with a big pink cupcake on the roof. Their cupcakes are big and delish. Very fun.

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My kids love to visit the Capitol grounds. The squirrels there will eat out of your hand if you're patient.

A membership to the Austin children's Museum is under $100 and includes discounted parking. Another spot my kids love.

I have to second visiting Central Market. Also, go ride the mini train at Zilker Park. The park is big and has wonderful playgrounds.

If you go to the Trail of Lights it gets COLD. We were totally unprepared our first year and we were icicles by the end.

Take a wander down South Congress at all the wonderful stores there.

This spring head over to Eeyore's Birthday. A gathering in Pease park. They'll have children's activities and games. You'll want to take your kids home about 3 as tops start to come off and funny pipes start to come out, but fun all the same!

Welcome! Austin loves you!

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This time of year, The Trail of Lights at Zilker Park is a must. Also, there will be a singalong when they light the tree at the Capital this weekend. If you like outdoor stuff, try McKinney Falls State Park. There also Pioneer Farm and they usually have holiday oriented stuff giong on.

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South congress, antique shops, candy stores, amys ice cream, joes coffee, costume shops, first thursday, tonight or any first thursday of a month, is always fun, people in costumes, street vendors. Town lake, zilker park, the capital, the museum of natural history, austin children's museum. Botanical gardens, During warmer weather the green belt, lake travis, paleface, deep eddy pool, krause springs camping grounds. Right now we have the capital christmas this saturday night, at the capital. Also the zilker xmas tree and trail of lights. The children giving to children parade is usually this week end as well. You could take him/her to see the bats at congress bridge. Whole foods, on 6th street, will have a ice skating rink on top of it this time of year. Whole foods on north lamar has kid music nights on their patio. Book people have kid events, my son still loves these, readings and playing in the children's area.

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I would like to suggest the train ride in Zilker Park, as well as the Zilker Park playground.
I also am interested in seeing the other answers you got, because my grandchildren will soon be moving here from Canada, and might be living with me for a while until my daughter and son-in-law find a place to live. The children are four, two and a half, and one, so I need to know where to take them!


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The State Capital for the grown ups the grounds for the toddler take bird seed for the pigeons. The University of Texas Campus Museums for the adults, the grounds for the toddler If he rides a trike. Take it in the car so when you get there he can peddle all over the place. The LBJ Library for the adults, the huge fountains outside for the toddler. Zilker Park, canoeing, playground, tree climbing, ride the train. The Trail of Lights and the Worlds tallest Man made Christmas Tree is there this season. Both are free!

This is going to sound strange, but Central Market at
4001 North Lamar is a grocery store, but it is one of the top 3 most visited sites by tourist in Austin. It is not like a regular grocery store. There is a playground also there for the toddler.

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