Tot Allergic to Chlorine?

Updated on July 28, 2009
D.S. asks from Coppell, TX
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Has anyone ever heard of a baby or toddler being allergic to pool water or chlorine? Every time I have let my 22 month old splash around in my SIL's pool, he has a runny nose the next day and it lasts about 7-10 days. I can not imagine it's coincidence as it has occurred now about five or six separate times. Or is it normally for toddlers to get runny noses after swimming? Do the chemicals in the water aggravate nasal passages or something?

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I have a salt water pool and it does the same thing to me and my 4 year old daughter. If we swim regularly it doesn't bother us. But usually the first week of summer I lose my voice along with a runny nose and she has a runny nose and a raspy voice. My mom said the same thing always happened to her after swimming. So my conclusion is that it is sinus related.

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My son could never go under water until this year (he is 2). The first couple of times he would get a very bad runny nose. I just assumed it was allergies or a cold. I was talking to the swim school manager and she said the water they inhale causes some kids have runny noses. It should last more than a couple of days. Once he gets use to holding his nose it should get better.

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Couple things, the chlorine could be cleaning out his sinuses or over drying them and his mucus membranes are over working. If he's outside when he's swimming, it could be the pollen/dust in the air affecting him too.

As for a chlorine allergy, you must take that very seriously. In worst cases Children suffer from drowning after swimming due to a chlorine allergy if they get chlorinated water in their lungs but that's worst case. As always, consult your physician/allergist if you really think that is the problem.

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you could research salt water pools in the area and see if the same thing happens.



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I am allergic to high levels of chlorine and get a full body rash when the local pool does a shock treatment. My oldest son also gets an itchy rash. Irregardless of whether we shower immediately, what type of soap etc.
It stands to reason that your son could me sensitive to chlorine or just the fact that to much may be being used. They could try the salt water type stuff and see if that helps.
But the chlorine does irritate everything from the eyes to the nasal passages and skin.
I don't know what you could do other than avoidance or maybe an anti-histamine like claritin to help with the irritation.
Good luck,


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