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Updated on September 23, 2013
R.P. asks from Hampton, VA
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So I did my research and read that torticollis is a twisted muscle in the neck that can be caused by the babys head being turned a certain way or by another incident and can be treated by physical therapy or surgery.. My two month old daughters doctor said that we had to get xrays done to check and see if my daughter has torticollis.. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a child who has/had torticollis? If so what did you do to fix it and how long did it take?

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So What Happened?

Well come to find out, my daughter does have torticollis. She had to have an X-ray to determine the severity of it. She starts physical therapy next Wednesday and I'm very nervous.. I hope we caught it in time to fix it without having to go through surgery. Thank you for all of your stories and opinions,

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

You do not need an x-ray to diagnose torticollis. It is not really a twisted muscle but more like muscles on one side of the body, head, trunk are weaker therefore making the child lean that way. Get a second opinion either by another ped or see a physical therapist. My second child had torticollis that was pretty severe. By 3mo his right ear was practically touching his shoulder. My ped wanted to wait and see if it corrected but I knew that this was wrong. If you wait too long it can screw up their balance because it teaches them to focus improperly because their head isn't straight. I took him to see a physical therapist and an pediatric orthopedist at my local childrens hospital. He was diagnosed with not only torticollis but tibal torsion. Basically his body was weakened on one side due to positioning in the womb. He had physical therapy for almost a year and also sees a pediatric chiropractor once a month. He's totally fine now. When I took him back to my ped she was shocked by how great he looked. I told her what I had done (I did it without a referral) and she came back and told me I had done the right thing.

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answers from Detroit on

My daughter's torticollis was diagnosed visually by her doctor. She had a mild case and no other problems. We were able to correct it through physical therapy, which took a few months.

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answers from San Francisco on

My 3mo. son had PT for about 6weeks (1x a week) for torticollis.

My son looked over to the left, so we started to shake/rattle all his toys over to the right.

We also did a lot of Tummy Time and put all his toys (to grab) to the right.

On his Infant car seat/stroller ALL toys were on the right.


answers from Washington DC on

My daughter was sight diagnosed by her ped when she was 2 months old. We went to physical therapy for it for 9 months and it resolved itself. She's 7 now with no problems. I would get a 2nd diagnosis by a physical therapist and see if she qualifies for therapy.



answers from Portland on

My nephew had it when he was a baby, they think that he pulled a neck muscle when in the birth canal. His was seen as a bulging muscle in the side of his neck. He had to go to therapy with a Physical Therapist for about a year. He did not have an x-ray.

My son, now 2.5, also had it. He was born with it as well. His head laid flat against his shoulder all the time. He could not hold it up almost because the muscles were so weak. I had him in physical therapy by the time he was 6 weeks. They believed he formed that way in the womb because he was so big, 10.1, and I am not big inside.

Torticollis is a weak muscle and needs to be strengthened through lots and lots and lots of PT. But, it is not usually found with an x-ray. The only thing my kids have had x-rays for was their flat feet and scoliosis. But, if the doctor does suspect something, then you should have it looked at. But, if it is torticollis then you should have an evaluation done with a licensed physical therapist because that is the person that will tell you what needs to be done.

This is serious though because the baby's head can be misshapen, flat, sideways, and the eyes and whole side of the face will droop. My brother's friend had a son at about the same time my nephew was born, and they did not get help for the baby's torticollis. Today my nephew and my son are both fine, but that other little guy is now 15 and will always "look funny". I feel so bad for him!

Good luck mama, don't give up, but do see an orthopedist if you do suspect torticollis or some other neck injury. Surgery should be a very last option! Usually PT is the best course of action to keep normal mobility and appearance.



answers from Wausau on

My firstborn had torticollis as a birth injury. Caught it early and was fixed up with a bit of physical therapy.

No xray though. That makes no sense.

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