Torn Cartilage Under Knee Cap

Updated on May 29, 2010
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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I have been having knee pain for awhile now and I went and had an MRI done. I found out that under my knee cap, I have some torn cartilage. The Dr said that if I opt for surgery he will go and shave the cartilage down smooth and even it out and clean up the surrounding area. That works for a lot of people but some don't get relief. There are also other things that can be done if that surgery doesn't work like getting cartilage from a cadaver or putting in a prosthetic. Anyway, anyone else had torn cartilage under the knee cap? What did you do? If you had surgery, did it help? Thanks....

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answers from Austin on

My husbands family really have had a problem with their knees. They have all had the surgery and all of them have had life changing success. I do not think any of them have had to have donor cartridge they have all had either the shaving the existing or the prosthetic.

The secret was the physical therapy after wards.. they have all really followed the advice and really dedicated themselves to the program. My husbands father did so well his recovery was only 2/3 of the time they said it would be..
Of course he was retired so he followed the instructions perfectly and did not have to worry about missing work , caring for children, etc..

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answers from Dallas on

Okay, this is not the same, but I have degenerative disk. My back hurt constantly! It was stopping me from doing so many things and I resented it so much. I went to an orthopedic and he told me there was NOTHING I could do. I left his office feeling so low.

I refused to believe him, which started me on a path to wellness. Soon I added nutrition and supplements to my diet and it took a couple of months, but my back is 99% better! I am doing things I thought I may never do again. Actually, I'm doing everything! If you want me to list what I did, email me. It certainly couldn't hurt.



answers from Houston on


I had the same exact injury many years ago, when I was 17yo, from a dance injury. I had torn both the cartilage and one of the ligaments that supports my left knee. I was unable to walk, due to the pain, and the MRI showed (just like yours) that part of the cartilage was torn and lodged under my kneecap. I had to proceed with surgery, to be able to walk, and also to continue my dancing at the time.

Two words of advice:
1. If you opt for surgery, make sure you have a qualified orthopedic surgeon doing the procedure. It's not a complicated procedure, but the skills of a good orthopedic surgeon will make a big difference to your post-operative recovery
2. After surgery, get consisent physical therapy - this is the key to complete recovery - you need to strengthen the surrounding muscles (quads, calves) to support the joint.

I ended up with 60% cartilage in my left knee and partial ligaments as well. I completed my physical therapy and 2 months after surgery, I was performing my dancing at a regional show. I was a little cautious, but with practice, I was able to do the performance without any problems.

I hope this was helpful to you. Don't worry about the surgery. I do think that these types of injuries can get worse if they are left uncorrected in the long run.

All the very best.



answers from Fort Wayne on

my husband hand his medial maniscas replaced from one of his tendons in his thigh and had all of the cartilage removed after 2nd surgery the 1st the doce cleaned it up but there was a small piece that came unattached and was causing pain. he still has pain and his knee still locks up from time to time. He opted for his our tissue as opposed to a cadaver because of the risk of infection or disease I would opt for the prostetic that is his next option if his knee get any



answers from Seattle on

I had almost immediate relief three years ago following this surgery! I also followed the PT instructions closely afterward for strengthening. I am typically a very fast healer and respond well to any and all remedies, surgeries, etc. So I can see how results would vary on people who don't heal as fast maybe.



answers from St. Louis on

I did have the surgery about 14 years ago. I did have relief until about 4 years ago. A recent xray shows I now have arthritis in that knee. My knee making a loud popping sound when I straightened it out and aches a lot.
I don't know if it was related to the surgery or not.



answers from San Antonio on

I had my cartilage surgery when I was 16 and now I am forty. Since the age of 26 I have had knee pain that is a result from the removal of my cartilage.
I now am facing a knee replacement.
Don' t do it unless the pain is severe and limits your mobility.

Try physical therapy and other options. Only do it as a last resort.
I see Dr. Sergio Viraslav and suggest him for a second opionion. Good luck.



answers from Houston on

My husband finally had this done after suffering from excruciating pain for 2 years. Now he wonders why he didn't do it sooner.
If your doctor is the type to recommend surgery as the last resort, then it's a good sign you need it. If you want a second opinion, (and I don't know who your doctor is) I recommend going to Dr. Fitzpatrick at KSF Orthopedic on Red Oak/1960 area. DO all the follow-up physical therapy as recommended and you will heal better.
Good luck.

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