Top Freezer Fridge or Bottom

Updated on March 01, 2011
M.F. asks from Youngstown, OH
12 answers

We are buying a new refridgerator and Im looking for opinions on top freezer or bottom freezer. My freezer now gets soo unorganized and drives my husband so does a bottom one get to be a mess too? So Mamas wich is better?

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answers from Columbus on

I LOVE my freezer on the bottom! I don't know if it's any easier to keep it organized, but I DO have a little bit easier time finding what I'm looking for.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Love our bottom freezer. It is only a little more organized. However, I never drop frozen blocks of anything on my feet anymore.

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answers from Seattle on

I have a "dream" fridge that I am actually lusting over:

Bottom freezer (with sliding drawers, so you don't have to pile), french door top. Ice and water optional. Regardless of which style YOU end up lusting over... be sure to research here:

I currently HAVE a bottom freezer fridge that has ONE wire shelf... my friends fridge (the one I'm having a secret affair with) has FOUR sliding shelves/ drawers in it- creating a possible 8 different compartments... they can move the arrangement around). My freezer stays *mostly* organized. Raw meats under the sliding shelf (right hand side); Snacks/ frozen veggies & fruits for smoothies on the sliding wire shelf. Left hand side has precooked things, tater tots, leftovers in ziplocks, and bag'o'ice.

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answers from Boston on

I have a bottom freezer now and it is totally disorganized. Probably the biggest problem is that we got a counter depth fridge which looks really cool and seemed like a good idea but we lost 6 inches of space from the whole thing, so it turns out to be really cramped. I bet if you had more room bottom freezer would work well. I do like how easy the stuff in the fridge part is to access compared to a tope freezer model we had before. Have fun!

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answers from Cumberland on

My mom and my best friend have the bottom freezer-both are neat and everything is wrapped and labled. Meanwhile-I have two junk drawers in my kitchen. Won't you miss hitting your head on the freezer door?

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answers from Cleveland on

i personally would rather have a bottom drawer freezer with a bigger deep freeze in the garage or basement.

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answers from Nashville on

We used to have the side by side freezer and fridge and we hated it b/c it was so narrow. The freezer could barely hold a large pizza unless you put it upwards and sideways. we now have the new LG with the two freezer drawers on the bottom. We love it but I can see where if you had it full it would be hard to find things b/c they may be on the bottom. We put the kids things like popsicles, etc in the top drawer for them and the bottom drawer is where our veggies, etc is. Some of the models have a wire drawer inside the drawer so you can put items on one part and then push it back and have other items below. We do not have that wire drawer b/c I wanted the two separate drawers. Some models even have a thin space up against the front of the drawer that is specifically for pizzas. That was a neat feature. I think one reason we are able to really enjoy ours with the drawers is b/c we have a fridge and freezer in our garage so we keep our meats, etc out there so the one inside is not full. My MIL has the one with the one drawer which is fine but she does not have the ice/water in the door and we can't stand to have to bend over to get ice all the time, not to mention having the ice just sitting in a bucket seems unclean unless you have a cup to scoop. We have ice/water in the door and then there is a bucket in the top drawer if you want to dump overflow for parties or needing extra ice. have fun shopping!

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answers from Houston on

i have a bottom freezer, i highly recommend, you end up eating more out of the fridge than the freezer, and we all know thats a better ratio of fresh fruits and veggies. My freezer stays just as disorganized though, i try to make up for it by using freezer bags and tupperware

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answers from Cleveland on

I've had all types of fridge/freezer combos and I like the freezer on the bottom the best by far. It still can get disorganized, however, it wasn't as bad as the side-by-side or the freezer on top models.



answers from Cincinnati on

I think the responses about having more compartments in the freezer is the key to good organization. Mine has two baskets, a shelf, and the door section. But, I definitely prefer the freezer on the bottom. I'm short, and even I think it is more conveniet to not have to stoop to get into the fridge. Also, I am the only one who really uses the freezer regularly, and it's easier for me to use it as short person.



answers from Cleveland on

I have had all and think they all stink. I bought a freezer only so I can keep things organized. The problem with the bottom freezer is that it is a drawer and things don't always fit. I have two frig's. One is top and the other is bottom. I like the top better. I can't tell you how many times my kids forget to push the drawer in all the way. My parents had the side by side and not everything could fit in it. Sometimes I wish they would make a frig only without the freezer.



answers from Terre Haute on

I bought a fridge with the freezer on the bottom and I LOVE IT!
I find it is more organized and convenient for my 10 year old daughter and I
I am surprised I use it so much more - have had it about 4 months

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