Toothpaste for 6 Year Old

Updated on April 09, 2013
Y.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

What toothpaste does your child use? My son is 6.5 and uses Colgate (watermelon flavor).. He won't use anything with a minty taste.. To me, it's like brushing your teeth with candy. At what age should he be brushing with adult toothpaste? Just curious what your kids use :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

As long as he's brushing his teeth with an American Dental Association approved toothpaste (which basically just means that it has enough floride), I don't care at all what the flavor it. The kid toothpastes don't have sugar in them, so it's not like brushing with candy.

He can use it until he's 20 (or 80) as long as he has clean teeth.

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answers from Raleigh on

We use Colgate Kids regular flavor. The tooth fairy gave him a new toothbrush and toothpaste last month when he lost his first tooth. He thinks that since the tooth fairy gave it to him, it must be the best. I don't argue.

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answers from New York on

As long as there is fluoride, it doesn't matter what flavor he uses.

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answers from Chicago on

My 5 year old hates mint.

We use Toms Strawberry flavor (available with and without fluoride). Before that we used Jason Naturals strawberry flavor (it worked just as well but the Tom's is easier to find). I highly recommend it, you can buy it at Target or Wal-Mart as well as at any health food store.

We tried the orange flavor of Tom's and my son didn't like it at all, but he's pretty picky. I didn't really care for the smell of it either.

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answers from Washington DC on

Flavor is flavor. You might also go for an "all natural" toothpaste like Tom's of Maine.

They also make a "less strong mint" version for kids.

My DD uses various kids' flavored toothpastes and we have not had an issue with them.

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answers from Las Vegas on

We don't use any toothpaste with Fluoride in it... oh some say, you NEED it.. nonsense.
instead we use Dessert Essence.. No Flouride, No SLS, No artificial colors or sweetners...
I haven't allowed my son to use Fluoride from the get go... I think it's terrible and toxic..
Dessert Essence comes in mint, peppermint, fennel (yes fennel :)

I really like the brand as does my son.

good luck

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answers from Spokane on

My boys, 8 and 4, use Colgate cinnamon.

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answers from Springfield on

My kids don't like the mint, either. They think it's "spicy," and much prefer bubble gum. Hey, as long at it has fluoride and they're brushing, I don't really care.

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answers from Seattle on

As long as it has fluoride, it's fine. The mint is still "too spicy" for my 6yo. She's pretty sensitive to it, so it will likely be several more years before she can handle the mint.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Like A L says Dessert Essence is great. My daughter uses the fennel one too. I feel good knowing she's not ingesting any dyes, chemicals, fluoride and staying away from products tested on animals (and no animal products in them).
There's a place online that sells it too: their prices are really low and if you use the code VEG114 you'll get $10 off your first order.

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answers from Atlanta on

The whole family uses Tom's of Maine, but while I prefer the mint flavors, my kiddos prefer the strawberry. I'm not concerned about the flavor, more about the chemicals (and animal testing). In addition to five different flavors of mint, Tom's of Maine makes a strawberry and an orange-flavored fluoride toothpaste.

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answers from Dallas on

Aquafresh bubblegum, but they also like Listerine. So I'll let them swish after brushing. Helps with the "minty" smell.


answers from Grand Forks on

My ten year old likes minty toothpaste, so he uses the adult Crest or Colgate or whatever. My seven year old doesn't like mint so he uses the Aquafresh Bubblemint in the pump, which is less messy for him as well.



answers from Washington DC on

Oral B "Stages" in berry flavor. :)


answers from Columbia on

He can brush with water and it's not going to matter. The point is that he's brushing. There's no sugar in the toothpaste, so it's not like brushing with candy at all.

To those who say "as long as it has flouride in it," you're wrong. Your toothpaste doesn't remain on your teeth long enough for the flouride to actually make a difference. Studies show that even the liquid flouride treatments at the dentist don't stay on long enough to make a big difference. The only flouride treatments that do stay on long enough are the ones that are painted on, dry, and stay on for several hours.

So...again, as long as he's brushing and doesn't really matter which toothpaste he uses.



answers from Tampa on

Interestingly enough my daughter used the same paste from the beginning (it was fruit flavoured) and then they changed it...needless to say my finicky gal balked at all others (most we've come across have bubble gum in the mix which didn't go over well at all!) I found after countless tubes of children's toothpaste lying around the house that I put my foot down and suggested she may try adult toothpaste...well, you think there was torture going on iin our house with 'it's burning me' and 'ooowwww'! So, on another search that resulted in finding Sensodyne for kids (it does not have the sensitive ingredient) that was 'mild' mint flavour....yehaw! So, now that I found one that she likes; low and behold I couldn't find it at the store I bought it (or any others I looked in). After countless stores and headache of thinking I may have to start sampling again my wonderful husband found it came in a six pack! Should hold her till she decides to check out adult toothpaste!!


answers from St. Louis on

My kiddo's use a red colgate for kids. I wouldn't suggest adult toothpaste just yet. They make kids toothpaste for a reason. If you are concerned about it being just like candy ask your dentist if he has any recommendations for you instead.



answers from Los Angeles on

My son is the opposite. He's almost six. We tried the fruity kids ones and he hated them. He uses Kids Crest, which is more minty but he likes it.

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