Too Tired for Valentine's Day??

Updated on February 15, 2011
C.S. asks from Crescent City, CA
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Hey there mamas. I was going to do my usual "not much of anything for Valentines Day" but now I am rethinking. Here is the back story:
my hubby and I Have been together for 14 years. We usually had little to no money for Vday, so we always tried to do something simple and sweet. We never made a big deal about the day. It was also difficult because after Christmas and my birthday (feb 4) there wasn't much left for money or ideas.
Since the years have rolled on not much has changed. A surprise cup of coffee or heart shaped cookie and a card. a couple times since my dad passed, my stepmom offered to watch the kids so we could go out (it was good for her to be with them on that day), but this year she didn't offer.
My husband coaches wrestling (we are in the heart of the season, pun intended :)), and we have just gotten over Christmas, our daughter's birthday and mine. We are tired and out of ideas. We pretty much have nothing planned. I got him a card from the kids and a treat and I will probably run out on a break and get him a card from me. He is taking our daughter at lunch to get something for me. Seems the romance of Valentines day is non-existant for us these days. Its both our faults and no ones fault all the same. Its just a tired time of year for us. But now I feel guilty like we shouldn't let the busyness of our lives get in the way...

Is it too late for this year or should I try to do something???

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So What Happened?

Thanks Mammas for your help! I think I will make a nice dinner for the whole family, hubby and kids and me. We can all "celebrate" together.

I really apriciate the mammas that put it out there about men, they really only want us! At lunch today, my hubby mentioned that he thought last night was Valentines because we enjoyed some "quiet" time together. Silly boys!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Valentine's Day is so over rated. The commercialism of it is just absolutely ridiculous! I think a nice cup of coffee, a thoughtful card or a simple hug and an "I love you" are way more valuable than overpriced hot house flowers.

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answers from Orlando on

My husband and I don't really "do" anything for Valentines day. It is way to crowded to take a 2 year old out to dinner, and at this point we feel that getting a babysitter (if we even were able to) and leaving the person we love most at home, just isn't a way to celebrate a day all about love.
My husband and I make each other cards and tell each other "i love you" a few extra times on V Day. As you said money is tight and we just can't justify spending on gifts for each other.
We did get our daughter a few little presents that she will get when daddy gets home from work. This morning LO and I made pink heart shaped pancakes, we made daddy cards and decorated the house before nap. While she is sleeping I'm making heart shaped rice krispie treats and for dinner we are having heart shaped calzones. Nothing too fancy, but still fun for everyone!

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answers from San Francisco on

My husband and I were just discussing this topic last night... We have been married for 15 years and have fallen into the same V-Day routine, or non-routine as it were. Before we were married we could not be together for our first Valentine's Day so we decided to celebrate it on another day, March 16th. This has come to be known as "our Valentine's Day". A special day that only the two of us know about. On this day we take time out for just us and get as goofy romantic as we can. In the past we've gotten a sitter and had a nice romantic dinner or even spend the night at a B&B. When money is tight we just light candles, turn on some romantic music, have some dinner and wine and just enjoy being with each other. More recently it's become a day to remember why we fell in love in the first place and to nurture that love even if it's only for a short time. "Our" Valentine's Day feels so much more special and authentic to us than the real over commercialized Valentine's Day.

It's NEVER too late to be romantic and celebrate your love for one another!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I believe it's never too late.
I was going to do a few things, but something else came up and the baby and I have a lot of stuff to do.
So instead im going to get his usual gift (v-day boxers), and bake brownies, make dinner, get a movie, and a bow (the bow is for me to wear tonight, no need for a fancy's comin' off anyway).
Just relax and have one said you have to go all out to show your love.

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answers from Houston on

I'm going to bake cupcakes or cookies and maybe rent a movie. No need to spend money or exhaust yourselves, just try and enjoy each other. Don't feel guilty for not going all out, I really only know a few people who do that and they only do it rarely!



answers from Sacramento on

It's the day after, so I trust you resolved this to your satisfaction. However, I'd just like to make this comment. With 365 days in a year to express our love for our mates, is it really that important to make a big deal over this one day? It's nice to do something really special if you have the time, money and energy required, but if you don't, make it a simple thing and wait for another time to do something bigger. You might even want to make up your own "un-holiday" tradition (sort of like an 'un-birthday') that you can choose to do whenever the mood strikes.



answers from Chattanooga on

My hubby and I have been together 14 years ourselves and have 4 kids.. plus we spent 2 hrs in Er last night for him having an abscessed tooth so can understand the tired and broke. Besides who said you have to celebrate 1 day a year. Having a nice romantic dinner, cuddling and watching tv at night are all simple things that can show love.This year hubby got me and our kids boxes of chocolate and I let him sleep in . its all good :)



answers from Indianapolis on

No it's not too late. I'm sure you've heard this before but men get more from the two of you being intimate, than a card or candy. I'm not saying men are just dogs, they are more physical and women are mental. After kids go to bed, put on one of his button up shirts and NOTHING ELSE and I guarantee he will love it more than anything else.



answers from New York on

Isn't everyday Valentine's Day?? Just kidding. Don't put pressure on yourselves. Just saying Happy Valentine's Day and I love you is enough....promise!

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