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Updated on December 10, 2008
A.C. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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I LOVE my little cat, I have had her for 9 years now (I think she's about 12 years old). Over the past year her meowing has increased. Although we keep her in the utility room at night she is still loud enough to wake all of us up. I have to keep my daughter's room open at night because it gets too cold in there otherwise and the meowing is waking her- which is waking me.... Is there ANY solution? I have tried (and still do) using an air can to spray at her, and it stops the behavior, but doesn't prevent it from happening a few minutes later...

Any suggestions? She is terrified of the garage or I'd move her there- and her previous owner declawed her so outside is not an option.

* added note: she isn't very vocal during the day- only at night. I try to give her lots of attention during the day (which she soaks up, she is afraid of all people except me and would spend all day on my lap if I would sit still). Getting another pet is NOT an option for our family.

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she is probably lonely... cats love to snuggle at especially at night. My cat meows during the day for attention.



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I have a 14 year old persian that is also very vocal, but it's usually that she wants some attention. Given your daughter's age, perhaps she's not getting quality time during the day. My cat likes to sleep in the bathroom, so I keep towels on the floor in there for her. And, as silly as it sounds, she gets more attention during the day that way. I keep her comb in there, as well and she enjoys that daily. By doing so, she stays pretty quiet but she will be very noisy until she gets that quality time.

I have multiple cats and I go some fairly expensive pet beds at Costco - that also helps all my cats have a place where they feel cuddly comfy and the others are also far more quiet. I have another black/white kitty and that has totally silenced her other than mealtime.

Also, just make sure she isn't sick and just doesn't feel good - i.e., does she have normal poop, etc. I did have to change my Persian to one the vet prescribed foods and that keeps her much happier as well. And, she needs B vitamin and Iron drops regularly and she gets alot fussier when she needs a dose (about once a month).



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Gosh~my daughter's cat does this too! He is really loud and does it a little in the daytime, but mostly at night. He is usually carrying around his favorite toy which is a long stick with feathers and tinsel(?) at one end. I guess he wants to play. He grew up with my daughter and her college roommates, so I think he received a lot of attention all day as they all had different schedules and there was always someone around. Maybe a little catnip on one of those cardboard scratching boxes. Our cats love that! They are usually quiet after I give it to them. Good luck!



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The cat is not happy for some reason...doesnt like to be in the laundry room?? Try catnip

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