Too OLD for a Bunk Bed?

Updated on December 03, 2010
F.P. asks from Tempe, AZ
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Hi Mamas,
Lately my daughter has been asking for a loft-style or bunk bed. She's an only child, so there's no need for extra room. My husband and I were wondering when a child is "too old" to be sleeping on a bunk bed. She turned 11 in September. We're running out of time to make a decision because she asked us to get this for Christmas :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it. I talked it over with my husband and it looks like we'll be bed shopping soon =) Its good to know you're never too old. My husband said she can have a bunk bed until she's 30 so maybe the guys will be turned off by that. LOL

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answers from Chicago on

My sister and I had bunk beds until we went to college. It helped that we had full size, not just twin, as we are both tall and would not have fit ell in twins.

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answers from Bangor on

I'm 17 with my own baby and I still wish I had a bunk bed, I asked for one every christmas since I was 7 and never got one. ):

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answers from Chicago on

I slept in bunk beds or a loft in COLLEGE. It was all the rage in 1996-2000 and I think it still is (for space benefits). I think you can pretty much only be too young for them, not too OLD -- unless of course you are in the 65+ crowd -- then getting up those stairs might be difficult ;) ha!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Heck no girlie! Bunk beds and loft beds are ALWAYS cool unless your a wierd 35yr old guy living at home or something lol. They have CUTE doll house beds and cottage beds that are loft style and bunk bed style. I can't wait til she's old enough to get one, my daughters only 2.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I see no reason why there would be an age limit on a bunk bed. Especially if it's a loft style bed, where the underneath would be used for a desk, or a hang out area. Personally, I think they're a really cool way to use space. If you do get one, I think I'd go with the loft bed, rather than a bunk, since as an only, she really doesn't need the extra bed. This could actually be something she takes to college with her. Lots of college kids use loft beds to conserve space in small dorm rooms or small, shared apartments.

I think that's a great gift that she'll love, and will quite possibly be used for a long time!

Check Ikea. They have some awesome loft beds, and they're not terribly expensive. We have a bunk/loft type bed for my son from Ikea and LOVE it.

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answers from Kansas City on

Do it. I was so excited to get to my college dorm just so I could sleep in a bunk bed. :) If she is prone to many sleepovers do a bunk bed, if not, just do a loft so she can play or have her desk or whatever underneath.

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answers from Boise on

I don't think that you could be too old for it. I had a loft bed for college, and loved it. If you are looking to get her a new bed, and that is the type she wants, why not?

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answers from Honolulu on

The brand "Flexa" beds... comes in different configurations.
There are loft beds... and the space under it can be used for a desk etc. For all ages.
That is one example.
Here is their link:

Loft beds... if you go to a furniture store... are not just "bunk" beds. There are MANY different configurations.... for loft beds.

good luck,

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answers from Chicago on

Hi FP,

I think kids even at 11 yrs. old, would think it's pretty cool to have a bunk bed. Just remind her that there's not a whole lot of room up there on the top bunk. It might look cool, and fun to be up high, but you have to either lay down or sit on your bottom or you'll hit your head. Unless... you just get her a bed that's a single bed just raised higher than normal.

Also... think about getting her a full size bunk bed since you said you have the room and she might enjoy a bit more room. You could also get a bunk bed type that doesn't have a second mattress but in it's place there's a work area or sitting area down below like a futon. And actually I've seen it where the futon can come down and be a bed for when she has a sleepover. Here's a photo of something she might like.

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answers from Portland on

My granddaughter is 10 and wants a loft bed. She shares a room right now with her brother and they have bunk beds. She'll have her own room in January and will have a loft bed. She could have a regular bed but prefers a loft bed. She likes to have the sort of cozy space under the bed. She has had a loft bed before and used the space under the bed in imaginative ways.

Whether or not a child has a loft or bunk bed has very little to do with age or even space. Some children have bunk beds so that they can have sleep overs. One bunk is used only for guests.

I suggest it's important to allow our children to make these sort of choices if money is not a problem.

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answers from Detroit on

My sister and I had bunk beds until I was 21... :-) We had the kind that comes apart so there were times we had them together and times we had them seperate...

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answers from Atlanta on

Given the fact that so many college dormitories and military barracks have bunks and loft beds, I don't think 11 is too old! If she would enjoy it -why not? I slept in the top bunk of our college bunk beds in the dorm for a year when I was 18.

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answers from Redding on

I would get her the bunk bed.
They're pretty cool.
You're not too old until you might break a hip getting on the top.

Best wishes.

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answers from Seattle on

I slept in bunks beds in the military.

Ironically in bootcamp (had bunk beds in several other posts as well), at over 6' tall I had the bottom bunk, and my 4'11 rackmate had the top bunk. They were assigned alphabetically).

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answers from Phoenix on

There is no such thing as too old for a bunk bed,, my one son slept on a loft bed til he was 16!!! The only reason he stopped, is he took his older sisters room when she moved out... and the loft bed is built into the wall, so it is not going anywhere!!!



answers from Wichita on

too old? I had a bunk bed through college, in fact, in college my bed was lofted in my dorm room too.


answers from Albuquerque on

my daughter is 14 and loves the to bunk of her bunk bed. Having a bunk means her friends have a lace to stay when they spend the night too.



answers from Flagstaff on

bunk beds work great for sleepovers, you can never be to old for a bunk!



answers from Tucson on

I can say that my cousin is a only child and had a loft bed with a desk underneath it until he was 17. He did all his homework at the desk under his bed and it also had a chest of drawers built under it. If she wants a bunk bed, it also may be that she wants to have sleep overs with friends where they or she doesn't want to sleep on the floor. I have no real idea what her thinking is, but I don't think she is too old for a bunk bed.

D. P.



answers from Philadelphia on

One of my DD has a bunk bed with a single bed on top and a queen sized futon on the bottom (so functions as a sofa, or an extra bed if she has sleepovers). She is almost 13! I think it is great, and would have loved that even as a teen, because the room has some "hanging out" space.



answers from Santa Fe on

I had a bunk bed until I was 17 and I loved it. I was an only child too. I always felt like I had my own little secret hideaway up there, it was great. Then when I had friends over, they had a bed of their own to sleep in instead of on the floor.

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