Too Much Candy!!!

Updated on April 06, 2010
L.C. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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My kids get a ton of candy for every holiday and i do not want them eatting it nor do i want it in the house. Once in a while is fine, but i have bags of it from Halloween, Christmas, school parties, and now Easter. I do not buy it, but they get it from aunts, grandma's etc. What do you do with all your candy? Should i just throw it out? Id hate to waste it but i dont want it here. Is there anywhere i can donate it? I have way way too much and i put it where the kids cant see it, but then i end up eatting it!! Any ideas what to do with this stuff????

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If any of it is chocolate, maybe keep it and then use it for baking. Bite sized pieces and be stirred into brownie mix. Bigger bars can be ground up into "chips" to put in cake mix and cookie dough or sprinkled as a garnish on top of iced goodies.

If you like trying out crafts with the kids search for directions on the internet to:
- try melting hard candies to make "stained glass"
- glue candies into collages or wreaths or another alternate idea to gingerbread houses

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answers from Los Angeles on

I bring it to work and let my co-workers have at it! :)

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answers from Houston on

I give mine to my husband to set on his desk at work. He says its usually gone in a few days. I dont know if you are married or if your husband has a desk job. If not, perhaps a sibling or friend with an office job?
I keep just a VERY small handfull for the top shelf in the pantry. That is always handy in a "boo-boo" situation!!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

As long as it's wrapped, I'd recommend taking it to your local fire/police department with Thank you notes from your family for all they do to keep us safe, take it to a church (if you belong to one), to your doctor's office as a Thank You for taking good care of you.

I think it's one of those random acts of kindness that you could supply to just about anyone (mailman, etc) just to say thank you. It would probably put a big smile on your face to do something kind to someone else and to get the candy out of your house.

A girl I used to know through work would keep a candy bowl on her desk for her co-worked to grab throughout the day. The rationale was that it would bring people to her, she was doing a nice thing for them, and they'd be more likely to help her when she needed them. It worked!

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If you have a job, take it to work! Or send your hubby to work with the extra. I know for my son, it's all about the "getting candy" and then he's basically over it so if left in the house, I eat it! Grrrrrrr.....
What I do is once the next holiday is here (Easter), the previous holiday (Valentine's Day) candy gets PITCHED out. No thought, no guilt. Good luck!
p.s. Nursing homes often welcome snacks like that......

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answers from Seattle on

Put it where it belongs...the trash!

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answers from Phoenix on

we let the kids pick their favorite 20 pieces, then they get 2 per day until it's gone. we take the rest to work and put it in our candy jars and give it away. Good luck!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

********* PITCH IT IN THE GARBAGE!!! **********

I agree that we get WAY TOO MUCH CANDY. I have the same problem, as I'm sure many mom's do. My son doesn't even like most of the stuff. He'll pick through it himself, and 90% of what's in there, he says he doesn't like, and says he's giving it to his Pappy (my dad). My son is 4. LOL

But to get to the point, I do not leave unwanted candy laying around. I let my son have the few pieces he does like, and I PITCH THE REST. No heistation, no regrets. I didn't buy it, I don't give it, and we won't eat it. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, although I'm sure I do, but I just don't want it in my house, and with Halloween, Christmas, Easter, parties, etc., it's inescapable.

********* PITCH IT IN THE GARBAGE!!! **********

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answers from Chicago on
use it for science

or use it for math by counting, sorting, graphing or using it as props in math problems (adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc.)

then toss it out after a while - my rule is the next holiday the previous candy gets tossed
And then tell your relatives to STOP and set rules- tell them that they can't give more then a small baggie of candy ever or give them suggestions of what to give.


answers from Kalamazoo on

My opinion with candy and/or junk food.......It's wasted on you if you eat it because you don't need it, so it's okay to waste it by putting it in the trash. Better to be wasted in the trash, then trashing our bodies!!!!!



answers from San Francisco on

Naughty Mommyalways!

You eat it and don't let your kids? You could donate it to big churces that have Sunday school classes. They have many children, so no one child would get too much of a sugar shock!

There are also, girl/boy scount troops, sports teams, etc. No need to keep it to yourself.



answers from Dallas on

I have a 15 yr old daughter and she is very social so I use the candy because the kids that are at my house regularly get to enjoy it.

When I was working fulltime before daughter, I made sure I had a candy bowl at my desk. people loved it and would stop by to see me on occasion and it would be a good diversion from my hectic marketing job.



answers from Hartford on

wow, nice suggestions. i know my hubbie always eats it all up, no controll! lol. I have heard that local dentist offices will take it and they send it overseas (that is usually a thing during halloween though).



answers from Chicago on

send it to work/office with your hubby. My husband does it and it is gone in a day or love it! They feel like a kid again grabbing their favorites. Put a basket in the lunch room or desk top. Chocolate bunnies, chop up and add to some homemade oatmeal cookies. Or freeze the dough and take it out when you have company over....**wallah**....fresh gooey chocolate chunk cookies. Give it to the neighbors. let somebody else enjoy it.



answers from Boston on

This is not a time to be conscious of recycling.

This is what I do: Let the kids pick a handful of what they like best and make sure they get to eat it.

With the rest, make your self a nice big coffee, just the way you like it. Pick through the stuff for 5-6 minutes to assemble a lovely mid-morning snack of only the choice morsels. Eat them in one big binge, don't stop until you are sure you have had quite enough. Then get a kitchen trash bag and put the rest in it, put in a poopy diaper for good measure, shake the whole thing up, and THROW IT AWAY.

1 in 3 American teenagers is obese, so giving it away or donating it is only fueling the problem. Don't feel bad about wasting.

There will always be more, you know it to be true.

Bon appetit!



answers from Kansas City on

I like having some candy in my desk at work, so I pick out my favs and take them. Then we let our daughter have one piece after dinner if she finishes. She also gets 1 candy corn if she poops on the potty. (Candy corn lasts a LOOONNGG time this way! hee). I dont agree with throwing it out, if you dont want it in the house, send it to work with your husband and have him stick it in the break room or something.



answers from Austin on

I just throw it away. It does seem wasteful, but it's better to put it OUT than IN.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have spent over $35,000 on ortho (5 going on 6 sets of braces currently) and dentist bills in the last 22 years and have always been "against" candy :) When my boys came to me from Russia, every one of their teeth was rotten (no kidding), one of my girls had her teeth ruined by medication as an infant (hospitalized most of her first 2 years), another needed two sets of braces, I could go on and on. Everyone in my family knows how I feel so, for the most part, the kids don't get alot of candy from family (and we keep none in the house). At the beginning of each school year, I talk with the teachers and encourage them to give the kids small prizes rather than treats and have even purchased them in bulk from places like Oriental Trading and donated them to the classroom so all the kids get prizes instead of candy (I certainly don't want my kids singled out, either). We also have a candy trade in program in my home - if the kids do get a piece of candy, they have the option of trading it in for an allowed treat or money (like a penny or a nickel - even a quarter if it is something big). Of course, they don't trade every piece in :) But, surprisingly I would bet most of it does. For Easter, I made the kids "breakfast baskets" and they got to eat their entire basket right away in the morning. Halloween and Valentine's Day are the worst - I end up throwing almost all of it away, and replacing it with a small toy, a movie, and a personal bag of popcorn. I do feel a "twinge" because it does seem wasteful, but better the garbage can then my kids tummy!

Interestingly, my family was certain that all my kids would turn into secret candy bingers due to my "restrictions." However, my 21 and 19 yr olds still almost never eat candy and would much prefer fruit, and my two 12 yr olds are even more into the whole "skip the candy" thing. In fact, both of them choose NOT to trick or treat this year because they didn't want the candy.

Good luck!


answers from Jacksonville on

After about a week, we make the kids pick out a small ziploc bag of their favs (maybe 10/15 pieces each). The rest either goes in the trash (or I stick some in a cabinet for me, lol) or we give it away. You can take it to church, or if you have a hospice in your town... take it there!

Or send it with your husband to work. Let him put it out in the office in a big bowl...
You might even ask your bank if they want it to stick out on the counter or stick in the drive-thru tubes...

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