Too Early for a Kitchen?

Updated on November 17, 2008
S.C. asks from Bowling Green, OH
7 answers

My husband and I are thinking about getting our daughter a play kitchen for Christmas. She will be 22 months at Christmas and is an only child. She plays really well by herself and is starting to get into the pretending phase. I don't know if it's too early for a toy like that. Also, are there any kitchen sets that you can get in pieces? I've looked at some online and they seem really expensive. If we could find one that came in pieces, we could split it up between Christmas and birthday. Does anyone recommend a certain brand? I've done quite a bit of research, but it's always best to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak! :D

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answers from Toledo on

I agree that your little one is not too little for a kitchen set. If she isn't ready to play with it yet, she will grow into it. My 2yo loves to 'cook' she is always running off with my bowls and spoons.
If the cost of a new kitchen set is over whelming, check out your local second hand stores. They tend to be more expensive than garage sales, but cheaper than brand new. I know that Once Upon A Child carries large items like that.
Best of Luck



answers from Indianapolis on

We LOVE this one from Melissa & Doug
It's wooden, so it will last forever and can actaully be something your grandkids will be able to play with.
As for your daughters age. If you get it, and she's not quite ready for it, she will grow into it, so it's not like getting a new expensive toy that you're worried about her already being too old for. Our 26 month old got his for his 2nd birthday and LOVES it. He didn't start getting into it until this month, but it was around, he discovered it on his own and has played with it every day since.
Hope this helps.

btw, EVERYTHING we've ever gotten from the Melissa & Doug is fantastic!



answers from Cleveland on

My son is 2 and loves the kitchen set, he makes us food and plays with it a lot. I found ours on for 20 dollars!!!



answers from Indianapolis on

We gave my daughter one last year when she was 20 months and she still loves it. We have added new items over the last year and they seem to grow with her. My son is 16 months and he enjoys it also. Hope that helps!



answers from Cleveland on

Hi Shawn,

My son is 19 mos. old and just got a kitchen for Channukah (my mom lives far and wanted to see him play with it, so she got it early). He absolutely adores it and plays for hours. In fact half the time I have to carry him away from it sobbing, "more kitchen Mama" and "Bye-bye kitchen). I mean the kid has to sleep sometime??

We also went for wood, but I am really very insistant on it. I hate the look of plastic toys. We got his from Constructive Playthings It was not too much, not too large, and he loves it. I also agree to go with Melissa nad Doug, well made and non-tooix, for when she puts the food in her mouth, which she will.

You could buy it for Christmas and her birthday, she will not be upset to not get a present from you on her b-day, and everyone else can get kitchen things (food, pots, etc.)



answers from Columbus on

I think 22 mos. is a geat age for a kitchen. Our daughter got one last year for Christmas at the age of 18 mos and she loves it, she has progressed in her understanding of it and the level of which she pretends. Now she's preparing fake meals for us, "refilling" our drnks, etc. The feature she liked best early on was the phone that came with the kitchen, the noises the stove makes when you put a skillet on it and the little plates and silverware that we bought seperately. We have a Step 2 kitchen and would recommend it to others, they have a variety of sizes and you can later purchase the little bar stools or whatever else to go with it. good luck! Also, don't be afraid to get the basic model or something simple, kids will be happy with anything new. It's us adults that think our kids "need" the biggest, best or the one with the coolest features. That might help keep the cost down!



answers from South Bend on

My friends on got one even before that and he was soo excited, played with it all the time, yes he is a boy but they like it too

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