Tonsils Out After Age 40 - Harrisburg,PA

Updated on January 26, 2011
P.O. asks from Antioch, TN
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Have you ever had your tonsils removed after age 40 and was it worth the surgery, any complications, etc. This is to be done for a male with certain medical conditions.

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answers from Phoenix on

I've had a relative, over 40, have their adenoids removed recently, but they left the tonsils. HIstorically, tonsils were removed en mass by surgeons across the country but now they know (and many knew then too) the tonsils are an important part of our immune system and filter many bad germs out.

So, what are the 'certain medical conditions' you are referring to.

When an adult has had repeated, uncontrolled sinusitises and bronchitis and colds and upper respiratory issues that respond poorly to medications, then removing tonsils is considered a step in the right direction, as if they are not helping the immune system anymore, but actually part of the problem.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had my tonsils out at age 23, and it was a veritable nightmare.

They told me to take 2 weeks off work, and I figured after about 2 or 3 days, I'd be lounging at the pool. SO not the case.

I spend the entire 2 weeks sleeping in a recliner because the build up of mucous in my throat and mouth when I slept gagged me so that I couldn't breathe. I'd literally have to scrape it out of my mouth after I slept. It was so painful, too. I lived off of chicken broth and popsicles for the entire 2 weeks as well.

And after the surgery, I had problems swallowing, as food and especially liquids would come out my nose when I swallowed. My doctor said that my tonsils were so huge, that they were doing some of the work of my soft palette. The soft palette apparently closes against the back of the throat when swallowing to keep things moving down instead of up and out the nose. My tonsils were so big, that my soft palette had gotten sluggish and didn't close all the way to the back of my throat because for so long, my tonsils were there, taking up the space. This went on for years. Finally, after several years, that swallowing issue resolved. My soft palette eventually retrained itself.

I tell everyone that if I had it to do over again, I'd put up with my usual multiple sore throats, strep, tonsilitis, etc. each year rather than go through that again. It was awful. And I've had a c section, and meningitis. Neither were half as bad as the tonsilectomy.

I know everyone's experience is different, but that was my experience.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had my tonsils out at age 29. It was NOT FUN! However, that is because the pain meds. they gave me afterward made me nauseated... if that happens, call the doctor right away and get something else. Throwing up with a cauterized throat was horrendous. Thank goodness I did it before I had my kid and could lay in bed for a few days...

The thing I wasn't prepared for was the fact that my taste buds were completely messed up for weeks. They tell you that you will be eating ice cream... Wrong... even water tasted weird. I lived off of Stove Top stuffing for weeks... that was the only thing I could tolerate that was soft enough to go down...

Looking back, it was worth the surgery... (easy way to lose 5 pounds too) Ha ha. I just wasn't prepared to deal with the nausea and what to eat............ I hope his surgery goes better... As long as he has 3-5 days to lay around and recuperate, he should be fine. (Buy lots of Stove Top stuffing, ramen noodles that you can ground up, and other bland foods that have a bit of a spice to cover up the metallic taste you will get)

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

My sis had 'em out in her 20's...No picnic in the park but if you are having issues then its best they come they do contribute to continual problems and infections...My DH needs them out and he is over 40....ugh...I sure hope not too soon.

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