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Updated on March 28, 2012
K.G. asks from Fort Wayne, IN
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for over a year now I have had a sore throat on and off, ranging from a 1 in pain to a 8. Today I finally saw the Dr thinking I may have strep again. Well she thinks I have tonsil stones and now I have to see an ENT for a tonsilectomy. So my ? is have any of you as adults experinced the surgery? DD had her trifecta done last Oct and it was hell for about 2 weeks is this what I get to look forward to? My throat is so irratated right now salt water is not helping, nor is tylenol/advil. If I do the surgery I'm looking at the end of April so dh will be home for shut down to take care of dd. What am I looking at for recovery and pain? I am looking forward to being painfree and no more throat infections. yuck. TIA

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So What Happened?

Well thank you mamaof3 I never experienced childbirth (c-sect) and that was a breeze, this might be a good way to jump start my weightloss.

the white things are easy to get but when they are behide the tonsil rubbibg against my throat I cant get those, and that is only if they surface can you dislodge them. most of the time I cough and they remove themselves. my left tonsil is HUGE the right side is not a problem, and the pain is there weather or not the white things are there, so its not just an easy fix.

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answers from Austin on

I had my tonsils and adenoids removed as an adult. It was difficult, but I have had way fewer sore throat/sinus infection/ear infection problems since then. The main thing that threw me for a loop was not pain, it was the gaggy feeling when my throat was healing. Every time I tried to talk, I would feel like throwing up, and the doctor told me not to let that happen. So I couldn't talk for 10 days! I wrote pages and pages of notes to my MIL so she could help me take care of my son. I also wrote down which meds I took when so I wouldn't get confused.

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answers from Milwaukee on

You can remove tonsil stones with your finger or with a q-tip. I get them frequently (it's just food debris that gets stuck in the pockets of your tonsils) and I know other people who also get them frequently. Google it. The stones pop right out and viola - problem solved! Seriously - you most likely do not need surgery because of this.

Before I knew what tonsil stones were (harmless), I went to the ER because I got a huge chunk of white matter out of my tonsils....I thought I had an infection or.... who knows what??? but the Doctor said they were completely harmless. If your throat is hurting, it's because you need to remove the stones. Good luck!!!

P.S. The stones smell raunchy. So try not to sniff them. And wash your hands immediately after. And prepare for some gagging. But other than that, you'll be fine!! :)

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answers from Reading on

I'm so sorry you are going through this. My daughter just had her tonsilectomy this past Friday and it is complete hell right now! Unfortunately, I heard it is worse for adults. I can't tell you from personal experience. However, I have two friends at work that went through it and they said it was almost as painful as childbirth.
I wish you luck!!

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answers from Detroit on

My son had his out at three and mine were removed when I was 34. He had a pretty good and uneventful recovery; for me, it was hellish! I've had 2 c-sections which I didn't really think was bad, recovery-wise, especially compared to my tonsillectomy. The thing that made tonsillectomy recovery so bad is that you have to use your throat constantly even though it hurts REALLY BAD. Pain medication helped a little bit but I didn't want to take it during the day since I still had to take care of my 3 and 5 year olds during the day and drive to school. I also developed an infection in my throat while I was healing which didn't help.

That said, I don't regret getting it done in the least. I can breathe better, I don't snore, I have better breath, and I get sick a lot less.

It can definately be worth it, but it's not the most fun thing ever. It's good that your husband can take care of you if you have to get it done.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I went through it at 7 and I remember it well, it was painful as hell. :( Our ENT told me that little kids go through it a lot easier than adults.

About the weight loss-- most people gain weight after tonsillectomy surgery because they find it easier to eat than they ever have. Just FYI.

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answers from Dayton on

I had it done as an adult and it was the worst pain I have ever had. It was worth it in the long run because I never get strep anymore. Just insist they give you plenty of pain meds to take home with you, in liquid form. Pills are impossible to swallow. I definitely did not get the pain meds I should have after mine.

Good luck.



answers from Columbus on

As an adult I had this surgery - while they made me stay home and rest for 2weeks it was not bad at all - I had my tonsils, adnoids, and uvula removed.. the onlly issue I had is I found out I was alergic to the pain meds they gave me the hard way as I had never had pain meds before. I did as I was told and had no issues what so ever. That said - it depends on the person I had a friend who had issues for a bout a month.

I do recommend that you EXACTLY as you are told. If you have had procedures before and had no issues you should be good. Are you a fast healer those kind of things will come to play.

All in All you should be fine.

Good luck and Take Care



answers from Detroit on

my gf has had a tonsilectomy, gall bladder surgery, 2 c sections.. and she says the tonsils were the worst.. again I think it is because you cant rest your throat.. you have to eat.. you have to talk..(at least a bit) and even swalloweing can hurt.

go to the ent and maybe they can try antibiotics and or steroids to get the swelling down. they cant do surgery if your tonsils are infected..


answers from Norfolk on

Recovering when you're an adult is typically tougher than when you have tonsils out as a child.
But they DO give you pain medication and the pain you've been going through already sounds horrible.
You've only got about a month to go, then a few weeks of healing up and you should be looking forward to a very happy pain free spring/summer!



answers from Cumberland on

I would get the surgery-you'll be able to treat for pain and discomfort to a greater extent than a child.

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