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Updated on January 06, 2012
E.M. asks from Mesa, AZ
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I recently lost some weight and feel pretty good IN my clothes again! But I still have the most giant butt ever and I can see, up the genetic line, that it will only get bigger and more saggy! I have in the past attempted exercises focused on lower body but I get frustrated when there are no results and I either try something new with the same result or I stop all together. I bought a lower body Pilates video but I need some at home exercises that have proven results and the amount of time I MUST wait before I should see some results. Thanks so much!

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answers from Norfolk on

Lot's of stairs.
I use to go to the high school football field and run up and down the bleachers.
When it gets easy, wear a backpack with some heavy books in it.
I was in 11th grade when I worked clean up crew at an 80,000 seat stadium.
I was carrying up to 3 sacks of trash on my back (wet blankets get HEAVY) up and down all those lovely stairs.
The weather was sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, the work was always stinky, and even with work gloves pushing the brooms gave me blisters but my legs/behind NEVER looked so good as when I had that job.

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answers from Richmond on

Brazilian Butt Lift baby!! It's pretty scary... and hurt-y... but it works. I need to get back into it, I'm the opposite, I have no butt and what little meat I've got back there needs to be where it's supposed to be, not aiming for the back of my thighs!!



answers from New York on

Do you belong to a gym? could you get a couple personal trainer sessions to have them give you some exercises?
If not, squats and lunges are great. Also, if you can take a sturdy chair or something that you can step up onto that is like 2.5ft off the ground or so. Step up (weights in hand-even better) with just your left leg 15-25 times, Then same with right leg. Also, dead lifts are great for your butt (you can youtube how to do them)
here are a couple links

step up

dead lift



answers from Flagstaff on

There are shoes that help with toning. I got a pair for Christmas, and within the first few minutes of wearing them I could feel it in my buttocks and down the back of my legs. Supposedly, you don't have to work out in them, but just wear them to do everyday things and they tone your glut's, thighs, and calves.


answers from Milwaukee on

Treadmill and LOTS of incline.

I run and do inclines and LOVE to watch the calorie count go nuts. You don't have to go fast at ALL!

sweat like crazy once I up the incline and when I do reduce the incline to run it's actually EASIER to do. I'm one of a HANDFUL of people that actually USE the incline option on the treadmills (and you can tell.)



answers from Phoenix on

I agree with the squats and lunges. And specifically princess lunges, to get that cute, rounded butt. I heard this trainer that had that butt (which still eludes me) swear that princess lunges are the way to get it. She said not to worry about adding weights to your lunges, just do lots of reps. Princess lunges are where you lunge with one foot crossed behind you instead of straight back, like a princess curtseying. Definitely give it some time, but you'll feel it right away. Good luck!


answers from Houston on

You can't pick where your body decides to shed pounds ( if only!) . But you can certainly improve the look of the heinie by targeting the area. Look up " good mornings",lunges", " dead lifts" fire hydrants" and "donkey kicks"and "sumo squats", Or ..... You can get this video I've been doing. I bought it because I'm pregnant and I work out every day so there for my limitations are ....... Well .....limiting. I've always focused on my tummy , but I can't right now. As soon as I did the workout I was shocked at the muscles being isolated and the quick difference. It's called "killer buns and thighs" by Jillian micheals. It combines strength training / cardio to burn calories and incorporates yoga and kickboxing . It's sort of the perfect video, I'm still on level one and I love it.



answers from Dallas on

Squats, lunges, thrusts and stairs.
Also to get that "lower butt" area - you know the one . . . where your thigh meets the curve of your rear . . . .deadlifts. but make sure to do them properly so you don't strain your lower back.
Also, plyometrics - jump squats, high knees, etc. more movement and (i know this sounds odd, but) FUN!



answers from Phoenix on

I've been taking pilates for 7 months & didn't see great results until I started taking 3 to 4 classes a week. After a couple months of the increased classes , the 1st thing my husband noticed was my butt. I would say that's the area , I have had the best results. You may just need to stick with it a little longer.



answers from Phoenix on

Squats, lunges, and step-ups should do the trick. It won't happen overnight, but if you start with 3 sets of 15/day and work up to 3 sets of 30, every other day, you should definitely see results. Warning: You will be sore the first week, push through the pain, it will get better. Good luck:)

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