Tommee Tippee Brand???

Updated on November 12, 2010
A.C. asks from Terre Haute, IN
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has anyone used this brand of bottles before? I just went and bought the 6 pack of the 9oz bottles and bought one extra 9oz bottle and then I bought 3 of the two packs of pacifiers (they were buy two get one free) Ive heard they were really good and when I was reading up on the booklet at the store they sound like they are a really good brand, plus I like how they look! lol They also had some that were just for babies who get upset tummies really bad so I might go get a pack of those just in case I might need them. But I wanted to hear from people who have actually used them to see if they like them. Im 31 weeks with my first and I want to get the best thing possible. I hear the Avent and dr browns tend to leak a little too...anywho...any feedback would be great!

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answers from Detroit on

I've never used Tommee Tippee brand bottles only Avent and Dr. Browns so I can't say regarding bottles, but I have bought my baby Tommee Tippee brand soft soled shoes--and they were terrible. They started falling apart the first week he wore them. The shoes looks like Robeez, but are much lower quality.

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answers from Stockton on

I have always used Playtex original bottles with my first 3 kids - actually with my very first I tried Dr. Browns, but he would not take it. So I was kind of forced to use the Playtex because it was the only bottle that he would take. With my 4th - I have been using the Tommee Tippee and I love it and she took right to it. I think that they are great, I would recommend them - but don't open them all at once just in case your little one doesn't like them you can take the unopened packages back!



answers from Chicago on

I tried Avent with my first - not impressed. My second I am using Dr. Browns and LOVE them. He doesn't have much gas or even big burps because of the special vent system. They are kind of a pain to wash (because of all the parts) but well worth it. I have not tried the Tommee Tippee brand of bottle, but have tried their sippy cups. Not very impressed. You have to really tighten the top so it doesn't leak. I also tried the larger one with the straw for my older daughter because it said "truly no leak" dripped all over the inside of her backpack for school. I returned them back to Babies R Us. Again, these weren't the bottles, but not impressed with their cups.



answers from Kansas City on

I used and loved Born Free. They are BPA-free. Just be sure any bottles you choose are also. I was surprised to learn that Gerber bottles - the brand that has been in the baby business for 80+ years - contained BPA!



answers from Chicago on

if you plan on doing the best for your baby and breastfeeding you will not need many bottles. And in the end its usually the baby that decides which bottles they will drink off of. Id get one bottle and see if baby takes it. If you buy a wholes set and baby refuses them you will be stuck with a set you wont use. Born Free are BPA free and have same nipple as advent



answers from Chicago on

I bought the tommee tippee based on reading the box I threw away the packaging and tried the bottle. They are the worst bottles i tired. The nipple would colapse while the baby was feeding and would start leaking all over her. I took all the bottles back to babiesrus without the packaging told the girl what happened and she gave me a full refund and said i wasnt the first one to complain and return! I've been using Born Free and love it and when my daughter turned 6month i started using the training cup no more bottles and she loves them!!!



answers from Chicago on

Piggybacking T.T.'s response, if you nurse, you'll want to get a bottle with a deep nipple (with a baby bottle, babies just mash the nipple whereas with your breast, they pull the nipple all the way to the back of the throat so your nipple doesn't hit the hard palate - hence the recommendation to avoid bottle feeding until you have established a proper latch and good milk supply, around 6-7 weeks). Anyway, my lactation consultant recommended Dr. Brown's - they are BPA free. Never had any issues with it and both my children took it well and we were able to continue breastfeeding, even after I went to work. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I used the tommie tippie sippie cups, but switched to learning curve because i didnt want any parts to wash. As for bottles, we used playtex dropins and they are the best!

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