Toenail Fungus - Bloomfield,NJ

Updated on June 09, 2010
D.K. asks from Bloomfield, NJ
5 answers

My son came home from college with toenail fungus -Planning to have the pinpointe laser treatment done however podiatrist still wants to remove a couple of toenails. Has anyone had the Pinpointe laser treatment for toenail fungus and how successful was it?

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answers from Redding on

I've never heard of this. But, I keep vick's vapo rub on my toenails. I dropped a TV on my foot and my toenails got yucky and infected. Vick's really helped. I don't know if it's the camphor or the eucalyptus, but my nails healed very nicely. I keep it on them from time to time just as a matter of course.
My friend has an icky toe nail and I keep telling her to try the vick's but she doesn't like the smell of it. I'd rather smell the vicks than have that God awful disfigured 2 inch thick weepy thing on her toe. And she lives in sandals.
I will be interested to hear your other responses.

Best wishes.


answers from Jacksonville on

I've used Vick's vaporub to help with a split fingernail before. I think a fungus keeps it from growing without the split down the middle (it got cracked and then infected). It took a few weeks of 2x a day applications, but it helped alot and as my nail grew, it grew in healthy.

I've also heard of using it for toenail fungus. I think Dr. Gott in the newspaper periodically runs stories of readers who have used it successfully...



answers from New York on

Hi D.,
My suggestion is to try a good tea tree oil for the fungus. Apply it several times a day all around the nail, which should take care of the problem. Much better and safer than the treatment suggested.



answers from New York on

Dear D., I have never had laser but I have soaked my feet in antiseptic mouthwash and eventually the fungus was cured. ( also rub some anti- fungal cream) Give it a try before having this treatment and having nails removed, which will be painful. Grandma Mary


answers from San Antonio on

I've also never had this done, but went YEARS with toenai fungus. Finally got rid of it with MELALUCA OIL, putting it on/under my toenail I think it was twice daily.

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