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Updated on May 19, 2009
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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This is a really odd question and i have never in my life heard of this but maybe one of you has... here it goes
About a month ago i was getting this feeling in my big toe like it needed to pop but it hurt really bad when i tried to pop it. after a while it started to pop every time i bent it. through all of this its felt like a lot of pressure on the top of my big toe and that was it. i thought maybe it was just some swelling or something. however now im having terrible pain on the side of my food just below the toe (toe knuckle i guess) the pain isnt like a stabbing pain or anything but a really strong ache. it hurts so bad some days i can only walk around the house (no exercise walking) i have tried looking this up online but no luck. there is no discoloration or swelling however my toe knuckle seems to be sticking out a little further than the other. any advice??

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answers from Raleigh on

I agree on the gout. Google it out if you are curious. Another thought- Did you stump your toe somehow? I know I harmlessly jammed my finger once catching a ball. Although it didn't really hurt at the time, it would throb and ache periodically for a year after. This knuckle even now is larger than the on the other hand.



answers from Wilmington on

Gout is one strong possibility, for unknown reasons it generally manifests as pain in the big toe in most people. Symptoms of gout can be aggravated by shellfish or other foods with a high iodine content. Another possibility is Lupus. One of my close friends was diagnosed with this recently and hers started as "nagging" pains in her feet. Women of child bearing age are most at risk for Lupus. See your primary care physician and if he/she isn't able to give you an answer, request lab work to rule out both gout and lupus.



answers from Raleigh on

I'm not a doctor but my brother in law had something like that and the doctor diagnosed a condition called "Gout". Maybe you should google it and you'll learn more about it or at least could lead you to a right direction. God bless!


answers from Charlotte on


While i cannot be positive, it certainly sounds like Gout to me. I have it and could have been reading my own story.

Good luck to you

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