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Updated on August 26, 2010
M.H. asks from Redding, CT
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My daughter has a rash, and it doesn't go away like a diaper rash. I think maybe a yeast infection ? ..... It's really red on the front of her privates. ... And it's been like that for 4 days. I couldn't get to the Pediatrician until tomorrow morning.... But since this blog is so quick, I thought I'd shoot out a request for any home remedies ?? I have thi unrealistic idea that someone can tell me something that would show improvment overnight. Then I can just have the pediatrician double check ... but skip a prescription for some hydrocortisone stuff... I really try to reserve using the potent prescriptions for something serious. Not that I don't think this is serious... but I think it might have some alternative solutions.
We've been airing her out... and gooping on the A&D or diaper rash creams....

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So What Happened?

thanks for all the great suggestions. the Dr. prescribed the Nystatin that everyone is mentioning.... it is fading already after one day. I mentioned to the Dr. that I put corn starch in her diaper.....
The Dr. said I should not use corn starch on a "yeast-like" rash because the bacteria can feed on the corn starch.. actually making it worse....
go figure.....
Notice she did not refer to this as a yeast infection. I didn't really think to start asking what's the difference between a yeast infection and a yeast-like rash.... but I suppose it's just different levels of severity.
anyway..... everyone's smiling around my house again. Thanks ladies!

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answers from Albany on

I would pick up some clotrimozol or however it's spelled at the in the monostat products.

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answers from Kansas City on

it could be vaginitis, which my daughter gets sometimes. She doesnt always wipe great now that she's going by herself, which the ped said is normal for girls her age. We used desitin (she also recommended vaseline, anything to keep the moisture away) and when she took baths or went swimming, we got her dried as soon as we were done. She took her baths standing up so that she wasnt sitting in the water, too.

Good luck, I hope some of the other mamas and your doc have other suggestions too!

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answers from Johnson City on

my daughter has and has had them try a&d and if you have to nystatin is a perscription but stay away from otc meds they are formulated for adults



answers from Seattle on

If it's yeast NOTHING will work except a fungicide. Aka a lotrimin cream. Easily available at any grocery/drug store. My son started getting yeast infections as a baby, so we just always used the topical stuff. No idea about a little girl whether you'd do just topical or topical + internal. (We finally figured out he was allergic to wipes, which inflamed the skin, and then the damaged skin would pick up a yeast infection. Oy. Vicious circle.)

You can TRY messing with the PH (vinegar, etc.) but depending on the type of yeast, those can just make it waaaay worse. And if the skin is broken at all, it will burn like fire.



answers from New York on

make a paste with acidolphilus (probiotic) this is our natural floral that causes candida (candidiasis) over growth of yeast if we have killed the floral wih antibiotics and don't have enough. Garlic and or yogurt with out sugar topically and or orally will also help. Acidolphilus internally and externally as well. Keep it up for a while to replenish the flora and help eradicate the yeast.
I had a friend say once she thought every skin problem was related to candida. She might not be far off. Good Luck



answers from Rochester on

Plain old fashion cornstarch!Got the idea from our doctor years ago.Because of it,I never delt with a problem with 3 kids and now 7 grandkids!It is like magic,plus change diapers every 2 hours.



answers from New York on

It sounds like a candida yeast infection to me



answers from New York on

I've tried it all. Gotta get a rx from the doc. That was the only thing that worked.



answers from New York on

If it's a yeast infection you will need an anit fungal...the doctor @ the NICU said Lotrimin was good or Nysatin (sp?) But don't use tons of it.



answers from New York on

Get her eating yogurt - Dannon has lots of live cultures in it - get plain yogurt and add your own jam - this cuts way down on the bad sugar. This helps replace the good bacteria in her stomach. Cutting down on wheat is good, too.


answers from Dallas on

When my dd gets them, I put on some antifungal cream (jock itch stuff) mixed with desitin. Make sure that you use regular desitin and not the creamy stuff. The creamy stuff burns for some reason. Try to keep her diaper off when you can to air it out.



answers from Fort Wayne on

my 13 mo just went through this I ran up and bought monostat 7 it took about 3 days to clear up but was tramendously better by the next day. It says to use one each night but I spaced it out over the day 3x. try that and see what happens. also I used a faminine soap to clean her dye free fragence free and that has helped also.

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