Toddler Won't Keep Hands Out of Diaper

Updated on January 20, 2007
A.S. asks from New Canton, VA
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My 2 year old son keeps putting his hand in his diaper. If we tell him to take it out from the front he will put it down the back. He does this while he sucks his thumb, seems to be bored with the activity, in the car seat, while going to sleep, and sometimes during the night. He ends up peeing on his outfit and bed. We are in the potty training phase, successful before bedtime only. It gets fustrating to me because he keeps himself awake by doing so. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your responses. I will definately look into the book you recommended, 'That's My Son'. I too am a Christian and am always looking for up to date resources. My sister-in-law is in the same situation with her 2 year old (he is 12 days older). She is trying the plain underwear and not changing it immediately when soiled (they live in Texas). I am going to try the cloth training pants from JCPenney (friends have told me they are good) when the weather gets warmer. He will get a diaper for me when he wants a change, fusses at easy ups, and it is too cold to force him into nothing all the time. He has started peeing while standing up at bedtime. So for now it will be to keep him distracted/busy during the day and not let it bother me so much. Thanks.

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Hi A.,

I also have a two year old boy but don't have the same problem. I do however have explanations but only have what I feel would be common sense solutions. Knowing nothing about boys when I got pregnant, the moment I found out we were having a boy I started reading about the. However, I am a Christian so I have only read Christian books. One book is called, "That's My Son." Very sweet wonderful and insightful book. It explains that boys tend to touch and even rub themselves during times of needing comfort or to relax. As weird as this sounds it gives them comfort. It is not done in a "self gratifying way" or sexual way. For example, while watching TV, being read too, or some other relaxing situation your son may not only suck his thumb but may also tend to touch or rub himself in places that feel good. Now if your son is doing this out in public or when he is normally active then it could be the same "feel good" thing but it needs to be addressed with him. They understand a lot even at two years old. In places where it's inappropriate you need to constantly let him know if he is touching himself it's not the time or place. In no way act shocked, aggravated, or make him feel ashamed since those feelings will affect him as he grows up. You need to try and get his attention onto something else or hand him something to keep him busy. If you're in the car make sure he has something to occupy him, if you are reading to him ask him to hold the book...etc. I hope this helps

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Since you've started potty training, have you tried putting him in absorbent training pants or just letting him run around "nakey-bum"? I wonder if the diaper might be uncomfortable for him. Also, taking off the diaper can help increase his awareness of when he needs to go, which might help with the peeing on himself problem.

We haven't moved to training pants yet, but other moms have told me they like the JC Penney's brand.

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My son is the same age our Dr. said there is really nothing you can do boys will be boys! It can get very worry some I know. Hope this help!



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i would out him in a pull up. what i did was give him a reward every time he went to the bathroom. candy a cookie anything that u want to give him. my four yr was potty trained in a week. so was my twins which are five now. my four yr old just has pull up on at night now. my 13 yr old when she was 3 i put the potty in front of the tv and put her underwear on and she went. it works on some but not all. i do have to say i think boys are easier then girls. well at least mine were. i know boys do play with them selves. my four yr old use to grab his thing and go honk honk..... so yeah boys will be boys.... hope that helped.



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when my son put his hands in his diaper i used to put my son in time out and make him wash his hands for like a minute he finally learned that it was nasty i had to keep telling him it was yucky... all kids are not the same but it is worth a shot....

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