Toddler with Red Mole?

Updated on January 26, 2009
F.M. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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I have a little boy who is almost 2 years old. About 6 weeks ago I noticed a red mole showing up on the side of his face. I have an appointment to see his doctor this week. I am just wondering if any other moms have seen this. I am mostly concerned because it showed up so quickly and has been getting bigger in a short amount of time. Just looking for some peace of mind. Thanks, F.

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My niece had that on her back. It was a hemangioma. It was there until she was about 4 or 5 and then it went away.

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My son also had a redish/orangish mole that appeared out of nowhere on the back of his head. Only a doctor can tell you what it is (in my case, my pediatrician sent me to a dermatologist.) Turns out it was something called JXG (Juvenile Xanthrogranuloma.) If that is what they say you have, then have peace of mind that it is very common to get one or two and they disappear as fast as they appear. My sons dissappeared less than a year later and he never got another one.



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My daughter had the same issue. At 5 months old, a red mole appeared out of nowhere on her eyebrow (being platinium blonde, you would only see the mole on her face). It runs in my husband family. My husband had a huge one on his head as a kid, same with two of his cousins.
The pediatrician told me it will disappear eventually and it did, several years later. Now she is 7 and the mole is long gone.
I am not a doctor but what I have heard and from my family experience, if you leave it alone, it will disappear eventually. If you touch it with laser or other, it will scar (and that happened to one of his cousin whose mom could not stand the view of it). My husband and his other cousin whose mole was left untouched have no trace of it.
Apparently, the redder and bigger, the faster it will disappear.
I grew tired of people asking if she had hurt herself (the mole was quite red) but what could I do? I just kept answering that it was a mole..
Hope it helps.




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Hi F.,

I am going to give you my experiece just on the side of caution. My 2-year-old nephew had a mole on the side of his face that resembled a pimple. He kept picking at it so they had it removed and it grew back larger and pink in color. It turned out to be melanoma and had already spread to two lymph nodes. He has had two surgeries and is getting ready to start his chemo in a few weeks. They did full body scans, and they luckily have caught it before it spread. I do not want to cause you panic, but I now take everything I see on my children very seriously. I feel it's better to over react and get things checked out thoroughly than to just assume that everything is benign and regret it later. I am sure your son is fine and it is just what the other moms have reported, but I want to be sure you have it looked at just on the side of caution.



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i have twins and they both have hemangiomas. when you google it (the drs tell you not to look it up online b/c the images can be VERY disturbing) be prepared about what you may see.

it is strange that your son's has showed up so late b/c the generally appear 2-3 months after birth. maybe his isn't a hemangioma, but some broken blood vessels?

we see a dermatologist/opthamologist on a regular basis for the twins. my daughter had a rapid growing one under her eyelid, very scary for a new mom! it is getting less noticeable (she used to look beat up, like Rocky) now and it should be gone by the time they start school. my son has a very raised one the size of a $.50 piece on his shoulder, it makes some people feel uncomfortable when they see it, which is rare b/c it is hidden under his clothes.

good luck and good for you for taking care of it right away.



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Hi, F.
I have no idea what this mole looks like, so I am glad yuo are taking him in, but I had a tiny red mole whihc showed up after I had been scratching myself. It turned out to be a "cherry angioma", a tiny burst capilary, and they burned it off because of where it was. I have a tiny indented scar from it, and that was about 5 years ago. Good luck, and hope it is just as simple for your son.



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Have your pediatrician recommend a dermatologist. Most moles are nothing to worry about, but since it is appearing quickly, I would definitely recommend having it looked at by a skin professional. The dematologist will take base line photos and measurements of it and will continue to monitor it every so often if he feels that it does not need to be removed now.

Take care and try not to worry...



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Hi, F.! I agree with Jen that it is rather late for a hemangioma to show up so late, but it does sound like that's what it is. My son, when he was a couple of weeks old, had one growing in his butt crack. The doctor misdiagnosed it (called it a yeast infection) and prescribed medicine that only made it worse. Plus, with it being in that area, it was made worse by poop in his diaper. I know it sounds bad, but it's reality. He had to have a spinal tap because of a possible blood infection. The hemangiomas are open nerves at the surface of the skin, so they are prone to infections. It did go away after awhile. It's strange for a two year old. I pray that it is treatable because it's on the face. Good luck and please let us know how it goes. I will be praying for your little boy.

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