Toddler Winter Boots - New Rochelle,NY

Updated on April 11, 2010
N.D. asks from New York, NY
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I bought a cute pair of Lands End toddler boots, but they seem pretty stiff. Has anyone tried their toddler boots before or had any ideas on whether the stiffness matters? Also, anywhere else to get toddler snow bib pants and matching coat? Lands End is the only place where I can find quality ones, but not so hot on the style. Thanks, moms!

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So What Happened?

Thanks, guys! These are awesome tips! Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I think I'll check out the sites and stores you mentioned in the fall. It's good to know the stiff ones don't affect the walking overall, but that there are softer (and cheaper) options out there.

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answers from Chicago on

walmart. my daughter's snow pants were like $12. She's had land's end boots before and I know what you mean about the stiffness. DIdn't seem to bother her at all.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I got my 2 yr olds from childrens place! But they also have some cute matching sets at sears, jcpenny, kmart and walmart! I am not a fan and will not buy from lands end, they are way too expensive!

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answers from New York on

I've tried several brands and the best ones are sold by Target (search Circo snow boots) and come in blue or pink. Very easy on and off, not stiff at all, warm and waterproof, easy to walk in, and only $15. They run a tad big, I had size 8 for my son who was 8 1/2 - 9 in Stride Rite but the 9s are also OK. Right now they're out of stock but keep an eye on them when they first stock them in late fall.

Target also sells Circo snow boots and 4-in-1 winter jackets, about $12- $24, look for them when the winter stuff comes out. Actually, anything else made by Circo (turtlenecks, sweatpants) is always very good quality. Coupled with the Carters thermal PJs (also sold at Target in the baby section, all sizes up to 5 or 6) underneath it will keep your toddler warm and toasty.

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answers from Chicago on

Child's place.
Outlet Mall in Michigan City , IN

we find a lot of discounts there on toddler clothing or

go to children discount and trade in clothing stores'



answers from New York on

not so hot in style? lands end has awesome stuff. my kids have always gotten their boots at lands end. yes they're stiff but soo much better in quality than let's say target or macys. the thing about snow boots at lands end is that they are only for playing in snow. not necessarily comfy for walking around hours on end. their snowsuits are very good in quality as well.


answers from Milwaukee on

Macy's has some really cute matching cots and snow pants... and right now they are on a super discount. My daughter's set originally cost $80 but got them for only $20!

Sometimes Target has some good ones but for me it is hit or miss.



answers from New York on

i have the same boots, my son can barely walk in them!!



answers from New York on

I buy my sons boots at Stride Rite and they are stiff. But there is nothing wrong with that. As long as they can walk! I usually buy his winter coat and snow pants in Macys or Sears. Or even Target. But I do this in October/November. Most of the stores have their spring stuff out now. But you might see them on the bargain racks. But I do not think it is going to snow again. Spring is next week. Woodbury Commons has Osh Kosh and Carters and they have nice coats there too.

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