Toddler Who Climbs

Updated on February 10, 2009
T.M. asks from New Milford, NJ
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My son is 2 years old and is really into climbing. We have had him gated for a long time to keep him away from our dog,the fireplace and brick stairs. The gate was fine until he learned how to climb over it. It is hard for me to leave the room at all now in case he falls and hurts himself. He is also strong enough to move the gate too if we block the stairs. Any suggestions? This is becoming very stressful on me. The terrible two's are here! He also throws tantrums when I don't let him do what he wants.

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answers from New York on

I wish you the best of luck!!!! My daughter (now 3 1/2) began climbing before she could walk. She started climbing at about 8 mos, yet didn't walk until 15 mos. Go figure!!! I know the stress - when she was about 1, she climbed my entertainment center like she was King Kong and fell with her mouth open and her 2 front teeth wound up pushed back into her gums. I actually thought her teeth were knocked out until I looked closer!! This happened when I dared to pee!!!

She still climbs everything. Time out does work, but the playpen never worked for me - she climbed out!!! Now she climbs the gates like it's nothing. I swear she is part monkey. Just try and make everything as safe as possible and work on time out. Oh, and walk away from tantrums. Once he realizes they have no effect, he'll stop. Good luck!!!

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If you have a play pen I would suggest you start using it. It is the safest place for him when you have to leave the room. If he is climbing and not listening then I would let him know that he cannot do that and put him into the play pen for a minute or two. I would not suggest you use his crib I never put my kids in their room or crib for punishment I didn't want it to become the bad place. As far as the tantrums try to redirect him first if it doesn't work then just make sure he cannot hurt himself and let him be. Once he realizes its not working he will stop. Good luck!!!



answers from Syracuse on

it's time for time he won't think about what he's done, it's all about cause and effect....climb on the table and into the pack-n-play you me on this'll take awhile, but cause (climbing on kitchen 16month old...)...effect(put in pack-n-play...everytime!)he didn't like this...and yes he could get out and I would put him back in again untill all dramam would took a couple of weeks...and then he figured out that if he climbed on the counters his butt was in the pack-n-play...sooo he moved onto the stairs, same results..stopped in about 2 he moved onto the dinning room table and tried to swing from the light fixture...same results...only did it two means NO the first time :) just keep consistent...and if you haven't already...put him in a toddler bed...because he will climb out of the crib and he could get really hurt!



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You can get the gates that mount to the wall so that he can't push them down...also some of the mounted gates are taller than the average gate, so that it's harder for them to climb over.



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My son started at 9 mo. old climbing ladders like his dad. He didn't walk until 15 mo. old. We taught him good climbing habits.. like he climbes out of the crib at 10 months... we took the side down. ... and showed him how to climb out so not to get hurt. We helped him manuever the stairs easier.. felt he was going to keep doing it, so I might as well show him the way so not to get hurt. my husband brought him on the ladder at 1 and stood behind him to show him.. but also if he tried on his own,,,, he would get time out.. he had to understand that only dad could be with him. he never climbed on a table or anything like that.. but we worked with him. as for the bathroom.. i brought him in with me.. because i was afraid of what he would get into. I got rid of the gates, because i didn't want him to hurt himself. good luck.. he stopped climbing on things by age 2 1/2 still loves ladders and he is 12 now. Maybe he'll be a roofer or construction guy or fireman... who knows.

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