Toddler Tippy Toe Walker

Updated on July 15, 2008
L.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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hi...does anyone else's child walk on their tippy toes? my son does this regularly, but he also walks and runs normally on a regular basis. our pedi said no worries (but we won't see her for another year). just wanted to hear other stories of what pedis may have told you or how u got your toddler to walk normally all the time. thanks!

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So What Happened?

ok...after these responses i'm feeling alot better. thanks! since he does walk "normally" most of the time i guess his tippy toe walking will fade away. and i really LOL'ed at alot of your responses like the nickname "tippy toe tom" and i tooootally know what one of you were saying when you posted that a child walks then crouches. my son does that too LOL. he's got huge calves...i think i may have a runner on my hands (just like mahmi!)

thanks again ladies!!!


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answers from Las Vegas on

As a pediatric physical therapist I can assure you that two is still too young to determine that your child will always be a toe walker. He will most likely find out with trial and error that he is less likely to trip and fall with more of a flat foot contact when running or walking - if, by the age of three he hasn't had a change in his walking/running pattern and continues to trip and fall daily then I would suggest getting a therapist involved...otherwise you've just got a little runner on your hands! Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi La M.!

Both my daughter and my son did this...along with some of friend's kids...I think this pretty normal. My daughter is almost 5 and she still does it sometimes (funny this question came up because she was doing it last night and I was cracking up because I remember her doing it ALL the time when she was a toddler....)



answers from San Diego on

My 3 year old son would frequently walk on his tip toes, but he would also walk and run normally most of the time. Someone thought I should be concerned about it once, but I don't agree. He doesn't do it so much any more, but just yesterday I saw him walking on his toes (toes curled under so he was walking on the tops of them). It just makes me laugh! My 2 year old has tried it once or twice, but I think it is only because he noticed big brother doing it.
My mom said my oldest sister did this all the time. Everyone told her there was something wrong with her, but my mom was confident that it wasn't a problem. And she was right! My sister is 41 now and has always been absolutely perfect in every way :) She just has nicer arches in her feet than the rest of the family, a really cute feet, too!



answers from San Diego on

Hi La M., one of my little daycare girls waled on her tipopy toes all the time, it looked like it would hurt. But she grew out of it as she got older. so don't worry. J.



answers from Reno on

I know that I am late here LOL, but I was laughing at a memory. I have three kids and when my oldest started walking she used her tip toes, my in laws recalled how one of the other boys did this also and it earned him the name "tippy toe tom" until he was almost four! It seems very common and not a concern at this point, but I would be ready to RUN after him soon, Tippy toe Tom has been on the top of the charts with his track and field team since Jr high!



answers from Las Vegas on


My nephew also did this but eventually walked normally. We always thought it was just so cute!




answers from Los Angeles on

my daughter is 16 months old and has been walking regularly for like 5 months and just started walking tip toe about a week or two ago i dont see it as an issue its like she discovered how to walk another way. she also walks and crouches with every step. i wouldnt worry about it too much. good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, both my kids did this. They will eventually get the flat foot idea.
Good luck

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