Toddler Threw up First Milk After Illness

Updated on October 12, 2010
S.C. asks from Plano, TX
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My daughter is almost finished with her round of antibiotics for a recent illness with strep. She has not had milk in about 10 days. To reintroduce milk, I filled her cup with half milk, half water because I was nervous about how she might take it. Well, my fears came true. She threw up within about 5 minutes of finishing her cup. Is this normal given the fact that she has been sick and not had milk in a few days? Does her stomach just need to get used to it again? (She did drink a YoBaby yogurt drink just fine earlier in the morning.) Might the cup of milk later in the day at lunchtime just pushed her tummy over the edge? Anyone else dealt with this after an illness?

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So What Happened?

Ha, ha, point well taken! Watered down milk DOES sound pretty gross now that I think about it:) Will wait before trying again. Still interested in hearing more responses. Thanks!

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answers from San Antonio on

I'd give her a good 24 hours or longer after finishing the meds before giving her milk again. I always use the 24 hour rule.

Also - I think watered down milk might make ME throw up. Yuck. Too watery. Wait a while, then give her what she's used to. Also - give her smaller doses. Not sure how much she drank, but you said she finished her cup. Maybe it was too much, too soon, too weird-tasting.

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answers from New York on

Milk is not supposed to be taken with antibiotics becuase it reduces their effectiveness - but they can still have it an hour or two after taking the medicine I believe, But in any event, to me it just sounds like her tummy is not quite back to normal. Try almond or rice milk if she really wants some kind of milk. My chiropractor thinks that a lot of people have a senstivitiy to milk - not a full blown allergy. Try to re-challenge her with milk again tomorrow or later today to see how it goes. good luck!

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answers from Denver on

my daughter had an illness that made her lactose intolerant for about 3 weeks. She would be back to her normal self but everytime she had any milk she would throw it all back up. Give it a few more days to a week and slowly reintroduce it again.

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