Toddler Stroller and Travel Bed?

Updated on August 13, 2009
A.J. asks from Mount Juliet, TN
8 answers

Hi all,

Two quick questions:
1. Any recommendations for a good, compact, comfy stroller for a 2 year old? We have a Chicco stroller which is very cumbersome and a umbrella stroller that is hard to navigate and uncomfortable for my son for longer than 10 minutes. Is there anything out there that is in between?
2. Anyone have any experience with inflatable air mattresses for toddlers? Maybe the Tuck me in travel bed from One Step Ahead or the Aero bed for toddlers? My son is a very active sleeper, we are looking for one that won't make a bunch of noise everytime he moves!


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answers from Raleigh on

Maclaren or Pliko are really good for travel and you can find them on Craigslist for $50-60. I will second on Aero bed:)

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answers from Memphis on


I highly recommend the Pea Pod Plus that is on sale now at

My sister-in-law used it for her son when they came to visit my husband and I when we were first married (i.e. apartment living, no guest beds) and then we borrowed it when we visited them so we wouldn't have to carry my daughter's pack-n-play (which airlines charge you for--news to me!). Hope this helps!

Good Luck,




answers from Lexington on

Hi A.,

I don't have any good ideas on the stroller, but we doo have an Aero Bed for my now 4 year old. She has used it since she was 2 and LOVES it! It does make a little noise - but it has not been a problem for us. This summer, my dad came in and found my daughter curled up with my mom taking a nap on their bed, so he curled up on the Aero bed in the room and took a nap on it. No it's not big enough for a grown man to sleep on all the time, but he said he slept just fine during his nap:)!
We will be buying another for my son as soon as he is old enough. It beats travelling with a pack n play - very compact - you can squish it just about anywhere in the packed car!




answers from Memphis on

I bought a Baby Planet stroller to take with us on vaction and it was great. It was great for travel b/c it was small but plenty big for my 2 1/2 year old. She likes it better than my full size Peg Perego stoller. Plus we got the indangered species collection which has cool animals, it is very soft and plush unlike many light strollers.
We also bought a inflatable bed to take for her to sleep in. I bought the Elmo inflatable bed because she loved Elmo and it had built in side rails. To be honest she had more funplaying on it than sleeping in it. She is also a active sleeper and I found that she moved all around, good thing she was close to the ground! After 2-3 nights she just slept with us, lets face it those beds are not that comfortable and we had to let her fall asleep in the bed with us and then we put her in the inflatable bed. Good Luck



answers from Huntington on

My inlaws bought the One Step Ahead infatable toddler bed and I really liked it. It has a lip around it, so little ones won't roll off and it is small, so it can fit in a small corner of a room. I personally think it is a little pricey (If memory serves, I remember seeing it for around $70), but I am a penny-pincher, so I would.

I am editorializing now, but isn't funny we are talking about inflatable toddler beds? When I was a kid (and even up into my teens!!), we got a sleeping bag, pillow and carpeted floors! My mom goes one step further and remember sleeping in the bathtub when they had get togethers. How times have changed!



answers from Charlotte on


Not sure on the strollers, but we have two blow up mattresses. My mother in law bought the grandkids it for Christmas and they LOVE it. She was looking at the One Step Ahead one but I believe found one online, and I think it was the Aero bed twin bed with the raised sides. Very easy to use, deflate, and carry, all in a big bag and it even came with a flannel bed sheet.




answers from Memphis on

1. We have the Bob Revolution jogging stroller which we love, but was a little too big for travel. We bought the Graco Ipo and like it for travel and on-the-go. I needed something I could use in the airport by myself that was sturdy, could be folded up and setup fairly easily. It folds up like an umbrella using one hand, on setup you lock it with your foot, and it doesn't tip backwards with a bag hanging on the handle.

2. For a bed, we also bought the aero bed for kids. It's super easy and fast to setup. It deflates in seconds and has a nice soft flannel sheet included. Ours doesn't make any noice and it has pretty deep sides so the child won't fall out. Overall I love it. HOWEVER - for Christmas my aunt and uncle gave my son a Thomas the Train inflatable bed. Not even close to the same quality (It's more like a pool float with a sleeping bag cover) but of course being a 2 year old, he LOVES it and can't wait to sleep in it wherever we are. It's always easy to get him to lay in it for bed or naps in a hotel - so that part is nice.



answers from Memphis on

I LOVE my Iglesina Zippy stroller. It can be used from birth all the way up. It was the top rated stroller on so I tried it. It is light, extremely easy to use, and very well made. It is pricey but has been well worth the investment. Check it out!

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