Toddler Sandals That Don't Stink

Updated on April 09, 2011
A.M. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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With summer just around the corner I need to buy my toddler a new pair of sandals. Can anyone suggest a brand that doesn't make feet stink and that aren't too pricey?

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answers from Sacramento on

Lands End makes awesome sandals for kids. I think they're calling them water sandals now but that's just because they're waterproof and dry quickly (used to call them action sandals). We get them every year because they not only hold up well for two active kids, but they hold up the entire summer (as long as the kids don't outgrow them). No stink, ever. Plus, they're doing a 30% off everything friends and family deal + free shipping right now. Just sign up on their Facebook page and you'll get the link for the deal.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Keens are absolutely fabulous. They're easy to put on, provide great support (Crocs DO NOT!!!), and last forever. No stinking, and if they get dirty you can throw them in the wash. They're quite expensive, but you can often get a deal at places like

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answers from Tallahassee on

We've always had good luck with Teva's for my daughter. I have never noticed any smell from them but they do still get dirty. When they get dirty I can just toss them in the washing machine. My daughter has worn Teva Psyclone sandals in the summer for several years now. They make them in all different colors for girls and boys. You can google them and find a pretty wide range of prices and some of the online shoe sites even offer free return shipping if they don't work out.

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answers from Augusta on

I don't think shoes make feet stink , it's the other way around.
Feet stink , they sweat , they get dirty , sweat + dirt = muddy stinky feet.



answers from Seattle on

Crocs all the way. Tevas and Keens both stink even if you wash them!


answers from St. Louis on

We do the normal flip flops at our house. Never had any problems with anyones feet stinking.


answers from Bakersfield on

We have always used crocs. My daughter has wide feet so they are very comfy to her. She wears them all summer (if she could she would wear them all winter to!) but the only silly thing is that because she wears them all summer she gets tan polka dots on her feet. She loves to see the little spots on her feet. Getting the little decals that you can put on the shoes make the shoes more fun for them.



answers from Phoenix on

No shoes or sandals are odor proof. But if you are looking for something convenient and cheap - crocs (or the like) are fantastic. They slip on and off and are 100% waterproof. So when they get dirty, you run a little hot water on them and presto, clean again! Plus, unlike flip flops or strappy sandals, they stay on and protect the toes, so the kids can do just about anything in them.



answers from Phoenix on

salt waters! we get them every year! $35 but last ALL summer!! nordstrom sells them in many colors! we get 3 pairs every summer and never have to buy any other shoes for the summer. they are so comfortable my 3 year old daughter can walk 2 miles in them!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Keens are really worth it. And you can throw them in the washing machine!



answers from Raleigh on

If you have a Stride Rite outlet, sandals from there are the way to go. Sure, they are a little more expensive, but they do not wear out, and they are made of leather (which helps with the foot stink). I used to buy one pair for all summer. If you can hit the outlet, then the prices are much cheaper than if you were to go into a store. I have found I got my money's worth and more by buying this brand.
BTW-Steer clear of man made materials. That causes some serious stinky feet.



answers from Dallas on

Click under boy or girl, then check out the sale tab. Their shoes are terrific - genuine leather, made extremely well.

The ones that aren't on sale are super expensive,but I've always been able to find plenty of variety in the sale section (generally $20)

p.s. I read an article that says NO to crocs or thong-type sandals. Not good for kiddos feet. (:



answers from Flagstaff on

Crocs or skechers has some shoes meant to not smell. I just found some Crocs at Big Lots for $5 for my daughter!

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