Toddler Poked Eye Help

Updated on February 14, 2012
M.G. asks from Houston, TX
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My toddler poked his eye near the corner and has a big blood spot on the white ball that is starting to spread near the brown pupil What should I do I am scared

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answers from Richmond on

Did he poke his actual eyeball, the side near his eye, his eye lid?

What did he poke it with? A pencil? A toy? His finger?

Sounds like some simple broken capillaries, which looks way worse than it is and takes forever to clear but but is painless and clears itself.

HOWEVER, if he's crying bloody tears, THAT warrants an immediate trip to the ER.

Hope he feels better soon.

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answers from Washington DC on

cold compress on the eye and take him to the urgent care if the blood spot is expanding.

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answers from Dallas on

Just last week my daughter scratched my eye. It was only on the white area and no blood spot but still it hurt very badly. I was unable to sleep so I went to urgent care. Doctor told that unless there is blood spot I dont need to worry and sent me home. I would say take him to urgent care or ER.

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answers from Dallas on

I would take him to the ER. It is definitely worth the trip. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

What did he poke his eye with? His finger? If so, he must have poked it really hard. I read that you should put something over the eye. (not too sure about this b/c bacteria likes dark areas). Don't be scared. Just go to the doctor/ER and he may have just poked it enough where a blood spot appears but it should go away with time.

I wish you good luck and let us know what happened!

PS I've seen this a lot in the schools! Kids always do things like this. My mom's a nurse too. Wish I could call her up about this one but its late here and she's in Aruba. Hmm. A trip to the ER won't hurt.

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answers from Portland on

I would call the advice nurse and ask.

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answers from Houston on

I've done this to myself several times and it tends to look worse before it looks better as the blood spot breaks up. They never hurt, just look awful, and always go away. not to worry! :D


answers from Laredo on

I saw this a lot when I worked for an optometrist. You don't need to worry too much, and you don't need to take him to the ER or urgent care. Like several others have already said, it is most likely a broken capillary. I would take him to your optometrist, if you feel like you need to take him to the doctor. Most will accept walk-ins for red eye appointments (as in patients whose visit will be filed with their medical insurance not their vision insurance.) If there is anything that can be done, they should be able to help, and if it's worse, he can let you know. You also don't have to wait around in the ER if it ends up not being an emergency. I wouldn't really wouldn't worry too much about it.



answers from Seattle on

Yep, I would go to the ER. Just to be safe.

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