Toddler Peed on Futon Mattress: Seaking Adivce ASAP

Updated on June 28, 2009
A.S. asks from Portland, OR
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I normally have our futon mattress covered by a mattress protector and it's a long story why the said mattress protector was not in place last night. Regardless, last night my toddler peed through onto the futon mattress and I am now desperately seeking advice on how to best clean up. Ideas???

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of the advice. The pee is as cleaned up as it's going to be thanks to all of the input. I made sure to buy an extra mattress protector so this never happens again.

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My grandson did the same thing,, only he peed so heavy that it came through the other side,,of the futon,,what I did was,, I took the mattress out side,, and put it up on two chairs,, and I got a bucket ( 5 gallon bucket )and filled it with water and I dumped it on the futon where the pee was,, I did that 4 times,, then I refilled the bucket and I added 4 cups vinegar to the 5 gallon bucket and dumped that on the futon mattress,, and let it dry,, for a couple days,, went out and saw that is was all dry,, smelled it,, and you know what,,It smelled so clean,, not a whiff of pee was there,, all clean,, try that,, let me know what happened? only good could come out of this,, k? good luck,, D.
P.S you can also add fabric softener to the rinse water,, if you want to,,

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We've had accidents on our couch before, too. We found that using an enzyme treatment like Bac-Out works well. (Bac-Out is available in the natural food section of Fred Meyer or in other natural grocery stores like Whole Foods.) Just soak the soiled area for a couple of hours with Bac-Out, then clean the area with a damp rag and a dab of gentle liquid soap like baby wash or Neutragena face wash. If you can dry everything in the sun after all of that, the sun will help everything to dry nicely and also serves as a natural sanitizer. Hope that helps! Here's a link to to show you what Bac-Out looks like in case you go shopping for it:

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We have a the Bissell "Little Green ProHeat Machine" that has been a life saver on many levels, including when we did not have the mattress protector sheet on our toddlers bed. If you put some Nature's Miracle in it, it works great! If you can clean it in the morning (really sucking out as much of the moisture as you can with the wet vac), then it's always been dry for us by bedtime that night.

I've never used it, but the Bio-Kleen Bac Out that others are suggesting sounds really good too. I might give that a try myself.

Good luck!



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Oh, dear - A.--- please don't be offended by this suggestion- but there are ''odor neutralizers'' at the larger pet stores that are specifically designed to enzymatically '''detox''' urine --- I'd certainly try those ( unless this incredible list-serve comes up with a better idea -- one never knows)

( retired preschool special ed teacher - surely do miss it- but glad to have some rest---)



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kidz n pets is good.

I like Nature's Miracle even better, you can find it in the huge bottles at Petco for cheap. I just went through this with my memory foam mattress. It took a week to dry, but it did the job.

Okay, and don't laugh, but those Shamwow shammies are awesome! You dampen them before absorbing a mess. I have gotten urine and milk out of the carpet quite well.(the carpet and pad was bone dry after applying the Shamwow for a few minutes, then I just sprayed with Nature's Miracle for the residue) You can find them at Walmart and Walgreens.



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Bio-Kleen Bac Out! It's worked like a charm for us repeatedly to get out animal pee. We've only had to use bac out for my daughter a couple times, but it worked well too.



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A., Hydrogen Peroxide works much better than alcohol (Nature's Miracle and alot of other "odor killers" are alcohol based) and is cheaper than the odor killer products. Mix 16 oz hydrogen peroxide, 2 teaspoons baking soda, and 2 drops dish detergent. Saturate the area that was peed on, and let dry (it may take a few days). The smell will be gone when it is dry. I swear by this: it's gotten out kid pee from a mattress, dog pee, and cat pee from carpet at my house. One note: if your futon cover isn't fadeproof, you may see a slight color change; however, I've used this solution on all sorts of materials and haven't had fading be a problem. This stuff even gets out the smell and stain when my baby poops his clothes! It's amazing, and cheap.



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Or can find them in giant bottles in the grocery store or at any pet supply's an enzymatic cleaner that breaks down biologicals like uric acids, ammoniums, poop, etc. The bottles are giant, because you need to saturate the area to let it work.

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