Toddler on Bottle Strike!

Updated on February 09, 2009
M.R. asks from Gardena, CA
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Hi, Moms (& Perhaps Dads) -

My 8-month old son just recently started rejecting the bottle. He's been in daycare since he was 2.5 months. I pump and leave the milk. It took him awhile to get used to the bottle, but we ended up using the MAM bottles, he like the nipple, and we were good. I work all day so I usually breastfeed him in the morning and half the nights. My husband gives him a bottle the other nights, and he takes about 4 bottles of pumped breast milk a day at daycare. Any tips for an older baby who has started rejecting the bottle when he took it before? One other bit of context: sometimes I have to do overnight travel for work (just 1-2 nights max), and his first strike coincided with a business trip.

Thanks so much for any words of advice! Best wishes to you and your families.

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answers from Honolulu on

He might be teething... babies do this when they are teething many times. But it passes. Just make sure he gets enough intake... so he doesn't get dehydrated and gets enough nutrients.

Or, try a sippy cup with him.

Or, could he perhaps have oral Thrush? Look in his mouth and see if he has white patches... this would indicate thrush.
If so, take him to the Doctor.

Is he still nursing from you, fine? Is it just the bottles he rejects? Hmmmm.... maybe use a different flow nipple? I used MAM bottles too, my son loved it and me too.

Maybe he is just sensing your going on another trip?

All the best,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi there, My youngest did the same thing around the same time. I just went with it and gave him all liquids in a sippy cup. If it were me I'd not encourage he return to the bottle. Things worked out fine. Frankly, I was sort of grateful - there was endless drama with my middle child when we started weaning her away from the bottle.

Re the biz trip. I work full time also and have to travel too. I know you didn't ask about this but don't feel guilty - sometimes things that happen with kids just happen. Our working may or may not have something to do with it, but I, and I bet you too, need to work. Good luck.



answers from Santa Barbara on

My children are 18 and 13 now, but I never gave them bottles- they went right to a cup at about the age your baby is-even earlier, I think (6 mo.?)They used "sippy" cups and straws sometimes too, as I recall. I was still breast feeding much of the time. S. I.



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter did the same thing! She was just ready to stop using milk as her main source of food! He is probably just out growing it! Could be mixed with a little teething! I would let him give it up, they know when it is time! A sippy cup is best at this point!



answers from Los Angeles on

well, first of all, an 8 month old is hardly a toddler. toddler refers to toddling; aka, starting to walk around.

anyway, if he's a nursing baby, it's probably that he would just rather nurse. other wise, you want to try a straw. my daughter LOVES to drink from a straw and started around 4 months old i believe. that could work, sometimes they just want something new to try.



answers from Los Angeles on

I think you worded it right he is striking. I believe it is against you leaving him. It's a resistance rebellion to something he feels out of control with. This is just the beginning. Unless he starts getting his love language met it will just get worse. Just put your self in his place. There is a disorder call attachment disorder. He doesn't want to attach to a bottle. You can probably read about attachment disorders in babies and children,on the web. He needs you, there is only one mommy. I hope the best for you and your family.



answers from Las Vegas on

First of all is it the bottle he doesn't like or the milk. It could be the temp of the milk or it could be that he might respond better to a sippy cup. I would start with trying different sippys or bottles with different shaped nipples. He may see other kids using them already. I had a tough time early on with my son but when we tried to transition to the sippy instead of the bottle he had ISSUES and a crazy mommy! We saw a speech therapist because my son had lots of eating issues and she said that most things babies reject is more about the texture of the food or the bottle/cup. He also might just be on 'hunger strike' because of the business trip. Little ones aren't in control of much but they can show they are mad by yelling or rejecting food. He knows the milk comes from you. It may be his tiny way of saying he's 'not talking to you anymore' which usually doesn't last very long!! Boys love thier mommies. Our speech lady also said to give the behavior 2 weeks. It will usually go back to normal if not start trying different stuff.



answers from San Diego on

Hi M.,

Let him move on....he's letting you know he's ready to give it up, so put your pumped milk in a tippy cup. Be relieved to know that at least he won't be 2 and you're still breaking him. You can pour your pumped milk into ziplocs and either freeze them, or have them fresh and ready to pour into a lidded cup. He'll probably love the change. It's a new challenge for him :-)



answers from Honolulu on

First of all 8 months is not a toddler, enjoy your baby as long as you can they grow way too fast. My guess would be maybe your baby is getting teeth and they hurt and he doesn't want to eat because of teething. Just keep trying I bet he will eat soon, or something else you could try is to offer a soft sippy cup,he is old enough to start learning if he hasn't already learned. Good Luck mama and hang in there!!! Smile Always, Lolly



answers from Los Angeles on

Introduce straws to him. If you need any tips, just contact me. I did it with both of mine and they never went to sippy cups. Straws make life so much easier because even if you forget their cup, you can always make something work if they can drink through a straw. There are plenty of no leak straw cups on the market too.

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