Toddler Hit Head on a Dresser Corner Hard

Updated on October 12, 2010
B.W. asks from Seattle, WA
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My three year old sons and their sister were jumping on the bed (of course) and one of my sons fell off and hit his head hard on the dresser. My husband was in the room but did not witness the actual fall as he was turned around. We assumed he hit it on a corner because of the location of where he fell and the size of the bump. He has a huge bump on the back of his head. It is soft and squishy, not hard. He is speech delayed so it is hard for him to communicate how he feels. He went and sat on the potty shortly after the fall and either drooled or vomited a little tiny bit. He acted dazed for a little bit after the fall, but now is acting relatively normally. (He did not lose consciousness by the way.) I asked if he felt sick and he said yes. There has been no more vomiting or drooling as of yet. I checked his pupils and they are reacting normally. We are icing his head and letting him stay up for awhile just to see how his balance, coordination and behavior are. The reason I am asking here instead of calling my ped's office is because I know medical professionals will often say go to the ER (to protect themselves) even if it isn't really necessary.

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So What Happened?

Okay so he got to stay up and watch Elmo while we evaluated his behavior. He was acting totally normal so we checked his pupils one more time and sent him to bed. No problems today either. Except NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED! Thanks everyone!

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My son hit his head over the weekend and it gave me a good scare! I was told by the Dr., to be have him seen if he three up 3 times or more. He said three times, because vomiting right after a fall is common, from stress and impact. Vomiting more then 3 times, means there is something wrong. I was also told, to watch for them being very clumsy and irritable. If they are extra irritable, this is a concern. If one pupil is larger then the other, take him in.

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I don't know for sure but I would at least make the call to the ped. It's almost bedtime, so it's not like you can watch him during daytime hours to see how he'll fare. I'd be nervous of letting him go to sleep.

I am a first-time mom and somewhat paranoid about safety things, admittedly, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I truly hope he is ok!

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At one my daughter threw herself back and hit the corner of her dresser and I had to take her in to the ER, but she was bleeding. She got one stitch. I wold take him to ER because of the squishy bump and the drool or vomit. It wouldn't hurt to have him checked.

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go to the ER. I work with kids who have had unattended head injuries because they seemed fine at the time. You never know. Think of Natasha Richardson and what her family would give to go back in time and have her get into that ambulance

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Speaking strictly as a Mom and EMT of many moons ago, I can say that generally speaking, if a child falls from a height more than twice their height you definately want to get it checked out straight away. That said, if the fall was not from twice his height, there is no vomiting that is really evident, as in projectile vomiting, then things look o.k. for now. Also, it is better to ask a child how they are feeling vs. are you feeling sick, as the kid will likely answer "yes". There is also an old addage 'not to let a child go to sleep' but if you CAN'T keep the child from falling asleep then there is a problem. Generally speaking if you can arouse the child when disturbing them lightly then it is generally safe to assume there is no concussion.

Do let us know how everything turns out please.


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My two year old fell off a stool and hit the back of his head last week. He was crying for quite a while and needed us to hold and comfort him. While my husband did that, I called our pediatrician's office. It was already past 7pm but the Dr. on call called me back pretty quickly. He told me that if there was any vomiting in the next 24 hours or if after he went to bed and I tried to gently nudge him and he didn't respond then to take him to the ER otherwise it was nothing to worry about. So throughout the night I'd touch his face or toes and he'd immediately move. That made me feel much better and I stopped worrying by the following evening. Now, from what you're describing about your son it sounds a lot more serious than my son. Yours either vomited or drooled and seemed dazed. I personally wouldn't take any chances on the off chance there is some swelling in the brain. Go to ER and know for sure that all is well. Also, if your DR is one to always suggest that you go to an ER just to protect himself then I'd get a different Dr.

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It sounds like he may have a concussion. I'm not sure he should go to sleep, without you making sure you can wake him frequently throughout the night.


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I would at least make the ER call to the pedi.

Don't compromise on health and safety.

Of course, ER will say come in to you say "to protect themselves" yes that is probably a part of it but if I had any worries due to a head injury, I would not think twice about going to the ER. Protecting themselves or not....I protect my child.

Ihope everything is ok.


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i would def. take him in to get checked out just in case.

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