Toddler Has Gray Hair?

Updated on January 27, 2011
J.A. asks from Riverside, CA
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My 2yr old daughter has gray hair strands throughout her head. Not in patches or clusters. I asked her Ped. about this when we first noticed when she was 6 months old or so. It was just about 3 to 5 strands then. I asked him if it was from some type of deficiency. He said it was just genetice, like a birthmark. I don't know of anyone else in my family who has gotten grays at such an early age. I know others who have gray patches/clusters of hair as birthmarks. Hers are single strands of hair throughtout her head. There are about 20 of them now. We never pull them out. They are course and wirey, like real gray hairs. I am getting really concerned now. Will they continue to multiply? Will it stop? Is there something we can do? They are becoming more noticable because she has like 3 in her bangs. She is young now but as she gets older, well, you know kids can be cruel. Has anyone heard of this before? What is it? Any advice or info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

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My son was born with a patch of white/gray hair in the back of his head. We were told it was a birth mark as well. It's totally cool.. he prefers to wear his hair longer (he's 5) and has this white strip of hair in the back that shows when he's running around. He's aware of it and thinks it's cool.
I think that if your dear daughter gets the message from you that it's okay and unique and cool, she'll feel the same way. Kids are always going to be cruel and if it isn't about her hair, it might be about something else. Our job as parents is to help them feel confident no matter what anyone says to them and be compassionate when they're feelings are hurt.

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answers from Dallas on

sometimes gray hair is a symptom of vitamin b12 deficiency.

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Ive never heard of this but when she goes to school you can always use a little dye if nessary im sure she will do fine just give her lots of love good luck A. no hills



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I have found an all gray strand of hair as you described on my son's head two different times, and did some research. This website explained some things pretty well...



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Do any of the gray hairs sprout from a mole or discolored patch of skin? If so, then your daughter may have a congenital nevus? It doesn't sound as though that's the case, though.

I hope that you find the answer soon.

Best wishes,



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That runs in my family. I always wanted that gene (we only get about 1 kid in 30 with it, it's super recessive...can you tell I have a really big family?). Typically gorgeous snow/platinum white by highschool, regardless of what the "natural" color is. It creates a real ageless/elfin type of beauty once it's gone pure white. Sigh. Stuck with brown, that's me.

While early greying CAN be a sign of some things more serious, one would assume that your doc already did the differential to make sure it's not a premature aging disease, and just a "lucky" hair allele.

As with any grey hair, you can dye it or let it be. DO be careful around chlorine, however, to avoid yellowing... and there are rinses that keep it snowy rather than dingy.

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