Toddler Has Dark Spots in Eyes

Updated on May 09, 2011
M.S. asks from Petaluma, CA
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My son has heterochromia which means he was born with two different colored eyes. I was wondering if there are any other moms who have a child with heterochromia, and if so- did your child ever develop dark spots in the sclera (white part) of the eye? My son hasn't had any problems up until now, but he has been complaining of his eyes hurting and the spots have gotten bigger. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow, but I would like to hear from anyone who knows what this is and if its serious.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your support. My son went to the doctor and they said he had what it looked to be as benign lesions. He is going to see a eye specialist next week to see if they have to do anything or if we can just watch it. Thanks again!


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Hey I'm a heterochromic!! :-) In fact my eyes are completely different, my doctor is surprised I can focus at all. My pupils dilate differently too and of course my vision is different in each eye (that is common though).

I've only known one person who had a spot in the white of her eye, but it was due to trauma and surgery. If his eyes hurt, it could be the spotting, but it could also just be a focusing issue. I'm hoping its not serious. My prayers are with you.

And just like the other mothers said... please keep us posted. Remember, we are mothers and we all have a tendency to worry (even about other people's kids). :-)

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Don't have any advice on this but please keep us posted.



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No heterochromia here, but my two year old also has dark spots in the white of his eye. I first noticed them around 18 months and they have gotten bigger, but his dr doesn't seem to be worried. they showed up after he got a pretty good poke to the eye, almost like a bruise.

I'd be interested to know what your eye dr has to say about it. Keep us posted.



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I have a dark spot in one of my eyes but it's never given me any problems. My doctor said that it's basically a mole.

Good luck and keep us posted on what happens.



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My daughter has heterchromia. One light brown and one dark brown. When we first noticed it she was about 6 months old, I took her then to the eye doctor and he said that he could tell that she could see. He also said we would keep and eye on it just to make sure no problems develop. Since then, she is now 16 months, I have noticed that she has begun to develop a grayish patch in the white/sclera part of the eye. And I happened to pull her eye lid down the other day in the same eye and noticed that there are a few more grayish spots that have seem to develop. We have an appointment set up for next week to see the eye doctor again, but I was wondering if anybody had seen anything like my case before.

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