Toddler Gymnatics Class in Naperville Area

Updated on September 04, 2010
K.Z. asks from Lisle, IL
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I am looking to enroll my 22 month old in a toddler gymnastics class in the western burbs (Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton areas would be ideal). Right now I am waiting for all of the park district fall brochures to come out, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places to look into. I am also interested in something that won't break the bank either.


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i highly recommend Premier Gymnastics. my son has been at the Oswego location for 2 years now, he is now on the first level boys team . we started out doing recreation classes through the fox valley park district and wanted something more organized and taught by full grown adults (average age of coaches is 35 but you wouldn't know it by their still awesome gymnastics skills) and with premier we got exactly that. they have toddler classes as well. my son did the kindertots program when he was 5. check them out, and, if you can, drive to one of their facilities, that is what sold me. oh, and at the end of the fall session and the spring session they do an awards ceremony and each child from each group shows off some of their learned skills and recieves a medal in front of the parents. they also do a summer show, last year it cost $25 dollars to sign my kid up but it was worth it. at the end, each child that participated got a trophy. so cute. i had a feind that had her daughters enrolled at the Downers grove location and they loved it as well. i will say that the prices seem expensive but for the quality of education my child has gotten it's worth every penny! as far as the enrollment fee of $30 goes, check clipper magazine or other coupon booklets because they usually run a free enrollment fee coupon or at least a discount and the fee is only once a year. depending on where you are in the area, the Oswego location has people traveling from N.Aurora, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Naperville, and elsewhere. i'm telling you, it is worth everything it entails. good luck...



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Park district will be the cheapest.



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We went to Premier in Downers Grove on Curtiss (north of Walnut & Maple). Website is

Any of the programs are pricey, you need to pay for the class(about $150.00), plus a yearly fee ($30.00). If you sign up for a next session in the year, you don't pay the yearly fee, just the class fee.
The classes are an hour long for 10 weeks.

We also went to Elite in Downers Grove (Belmont & 63rd, next to/behind Target). I didn't care for the facility as you are up high looking down and mostly can't see where the kids are, also the instructors were young (teenagers) and dismissal was very chaotic. However we had a Saturday class so it was very crowded.

Cost was the same as listed above.

At Premier the gym is on one level, the instructors are older(real instuctors) and when the kids are done they done they line them up an let them out one by one. Its still chaotic, but controlled.

Here is the thing about the park districts....the classes are at the private gyms because that is where the equipment is. So essentially you are paying for the same thing anyway. I don't think Lisle has gymnastics for young kids, DG I think does, but is at Elite and you would be paying out of district fees anyway.



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Please come try M. Children's Fitness Center! We are a pre-gymnastics and tumbling program that also incorporates other elements like a circle time, dances, and other sports skills and games. We start classes at 6 weeks of age and go all the way up to 13 years! It is an ongoing program so you can join anytime! We are also offering some great specials for new members that sign up this month, including half off the membership fee and unlimited classes for the month of August! We also offer a free trial class so please come check us out! You can call ###-###-#### to schedule your class or visit our website at, please choose the W. location when looking at class schedules! Also let us know that you heard about us through this website!

Thanks, hope to be hearing from you soon!



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Our family has been with Elite Sports Complex for 5 years our daughter graduated from the Great Escape Preschool. We love Elite! our daughter is on the tumbling team and our son is enjoying his gymnastics class and it has help him with his true love of basketball. Our childrens coaches are professionals and also were gymnasts themselves. The gym is clean, Elite's little preschool gym for ages 1-3 is super cute. The class structure included gymnastic skills and equipment for that age level as well as music, balls , ribbons, bubbles you name it . It kept my preschooler wanting to come back.
The Great Escape Preschool part of Elite was the best value for my kids. Academics, gymnastics with a expert and music with a certified music teacher. Saved me alot of money when my kids were little. One stop shop.



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We started our son out at Gymboree. We loved it - it helped him with coordination, imagination and self-esteem. All so important at that age. I have also heard great things about My Gym.

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