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Updated on March 29, 2013
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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I am looking for a toddler gate/kiddie corral to be used when we travel to a lake. I want my fifteen month old to have some freedom (she doesn't want to be confined to a pack 'n play) but also to be safe. I could use it in a backyard too. I've seem them on the Babies 'R Us website but they are over $100. I am wondering if any stores sell them a bit cheaper. Thank you!

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So What Happened?

P.S. Being that my daughter is my first child, the stages she goes through are new to me. With that said, do you think I need to "chill out" on the lake thing? Going to the lake in NJ is important to my husband because he really enjoys it. I used to enjoy it more pre-toddler stage. I feel like without a play yard (kiddie corral) I have a hard time enjoying myself because I have to constantly be on top of her. My husband does help too but when I'm not on the boat with the baby, he is usually driving the boat. Thanks.

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We have the colored fence, we got two of them and we use it camping and in the house. It was $100 for one 6 pieces, we got two, but it certainly has paid for itself.

My son is 20 months and we used it Memorial weekend to keep him away from the fire, yet allow him to have some play space.

You can check the resale stores for kids also. keep going back, they might have them or garage sales.

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We have a superyard that we got at Babies R Us and it was way less than $100. I think I got it on sale and with a coupon and that brought it down to about $50. I also bought an extra panel because as my daughter got bigger the superyard got smaller :)

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Has your daughter been around water before other than the tub? Have you brought her to the beach? How mobile is she? Is she running around all over the place? When we began bringing my son to the beach we discovered that he did not go straight for the water but was more intrigued with digging in the sand instead. It was great. I actually got to read my book while he dug right in front of me.
Now at the age of 3 he still loves to dig, but is very interested in exploring as well. He is still not taking off for the water though, but he is a really careful kid.
Don't deny yourself a great time at the lake, just try to make it a great time for everyone and be clear about when it is time to dig and when it is timet to explore with either Mommy or Daddy.



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The corals are made of plastic so they can be cleaned. You should look on Craigs list well as Freecycle - we found ours on Craigs List -
Also I would look at children consignment stores -

We sold and gave away most of our son's things as he outgrew them this way. Good Luck



answers from Jackson on

My dil and I was just looking for one at Meijer and they were $62. We also found one to fence in a pet which appeared to be exactly the same but was around $10. a more.

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