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Updated on February 16, 2011
K.T. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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My son is 2yo and 3 months... I know what your thinking, WHY ISNT HE IN A TODDLER BED!?! lol :) Honestly the 4-1 crib I purchased didnt bring the toddler rail or the other nifty stuff. I did it on purpose because the crib that would of costed 800 was 450. Sooo...

Now that I am trying to find the side rail attachment for the crib/bed, its out of stock EVERYWHERE. Just my luck. I want to get him into a bed asap so that he is able to come to me when he wakes up. He knows not to climb out of his crib, so he never does. He loves his crib so i just don't know what transition would be easiest.

Being that my son is sick ALOT because he started daycare, I wanted to get one of those twin beds with the pull out bed on the bottom so I can sleep with him. (He does NOT like to sleep in mommy's room... it has to be "my cama please". Cama is bed in Spanish.) So I was thinking of getting that and just a rail BUT ahhh decisions, decisions...

Help :)

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses... Looking around I decided on a Loft bunk bed :) The bottome bunk comes forwards, top is sideways. So the bottom has nook and crannies he can feel special in lol. Pluss he cant fall being that its enclosed half way. I know hes only two but it will last him probably till middle school :) It comes in 8 weeks soooo I will start preparing him for it.

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answers from Redding on

My son had a super cute toddler bed but I knew the first week it was way too small for him. He did better in a twin bed and was much happier with it.
He did fine without rails. He liked cozying up by the wall.
There's also more room for you to lay down with him when you want to.

I'd go with a twin bed, but that's just me.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I went straight to a twin bed with both of my kids. To me it was just more cost effective in the long run because I didn't want to have to buy bedding for the crib mattress (what goes in a toddler bed) and then turn around in a year an get twin sheet because they out grew the toddler bed. Let him pick out his bedding (Target has a really cute selection of quilts and comforters for kids) and get a mid $ range mattress and box spring so it last longer. And don't forget the vinyl mattress protector for those bed time accidents that happen from time to time and it will keep the mattress looking clean too.

You might want to check the height on a twin with trundle because that does raise the bed up higher off the floor than a traditional twin bed. Just something to consider when looking to buy. We've been looking for a Captain's bed for our almost 5yr old son because he out grew his dress and finding one he won't need a step stool for is impossible.

Just a side note, if your son is sick all the time, you might want to get him on a kids chew able vitamin C or even a probiotic to help with his immune system. GNC sells a Probiotic that has shapes like the flintstone vitamins and don't taste half bad either.

Good luck!!

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answers from Tampa on

Take a look at what he is eating, daycare doesn't mean he has to be sick- his immune system has to be handled. Probiotics are oftne the key- I like Simplexity, and bifidus is the one for our little ones.
best, k

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answers from Seattle on

Nope. Not what I was thinking at all. My son was in his crib until well into age 3. We just lowered the side rail when he was allowed to come and go as he pleased (or put it up when he was to stay in) at 2ish, and at 3ish just took the side of it off entirely. A few pillows on the floor were only ever "needed" once.

My vote is this: toddler beds are a scam. They prey on parents wishes & insecurities to extract cash from them. We technically went from the crib to a bunk (temporary due to traveling - he did great with it btw, the kind that's about 4/5 feet tall and a play space under), but "went" from the crib to a fullsize bed with a twin trundle. It'll last 10+ years (instead of 1), we can both lie on it/ read on it/ build tents/ etc. (toddler beds have weight limits of typically 100lbs... and know... if they bounce on them, that creates a weight of more than 100lbs). The twin trundle on the full size bed also works for sleepovers, or when I want to sleep in his room but not in his bed (also as a temporary "landing pad" in case of rolling out of bed... but it was never needed. And (since we have a small house) when we have houseguests, we just change the sheets and pull the twin in our room and kiddo sleeps with us and the guests take his room.

Twin/ full/ whatever... they LAST. If you're nervous about falling out of bed, you just don't use the frame at first. Put the mattress on the floor. Or buy readily available rails for "real" sized beds. You "kid-i-fy" them up with awesome bedding.

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answers from Los Angeles on

First of all, 2 yrs 3 months is NOT too old to still be in a crib! If he's happy in there and doesn't try to climb out, don't feel like you have to switch him.

Anyway, I personally think toddler beds are a waste, since kids use them for such a short amount of time. We moved my son straight from a crib to a twin bed when he was 2 yrs 8 months. We got a rail for the side so he couldn't fall out. I never felt like the bed was too big for him or that he would have been better having a toddler bed for the transition.

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answers from Miami on

Well, I actually bought my son a toddler bed and he hated it! he never slept 1 night in it.
I bought a twin bed and he loved it from the first night.
However, I did something a little unique! I got just the top part of a bunk bed. It is a twin bed but because it is the top of a bunk bed, it has rails all around! And it stand off the floor about 3 feet or so. This gives the feeling of a huge crib!! and you don't have to worry about him falling out of bed. I put his wooden toy box next to it so he can get out to go pee pee (he was potty trained). When he was almost 4 yrs old I put him in a regular twin so I could use the bunk bed top for my daughter and she loves it too!!



answers from San Diego on

don't do the toddler bed. just get a twin bed and let him pick out the bedding and such make it his and he'll love it eventually. toddler beds are cute and fun but utlimately just a waste of time unless you find one on craigslist for super cheap. but i wouldn't go rushing him out of his crib he he is happy in it. he's still growing up without switching to a "big bed".


answers from Dallas on

A toddler bed is great for his age. You can get fun ones that he will enjoy sleeping in. My son has the Thomas the train bed, found it at a resale shop, and he loves it. However, if you think you will need to sleep near him a trundle bed may be better. Although occasionally my hubby does crawl into my sons toddler bed with him, he's really over the weight limit of 100lbs! lol You can get a twin size bed with a trundle and they are made for adults or kids to sleep on. You can purchase a mesh guard rail to make sure your kiddo doesn't fall out and put one side of the bed up against a wall maybe. When our son transitioned from the crib to toddler bed we started by setting it up with some cool sheets and spent a couple of days telling him how awesome the bed was and that it was a great place to go night night. We never had a problem with him. We told him he couldn't get out of bed but he could take a couple of toys to bed with him. We also use a baby gate at his door so in the mornings he isn't roaming around the house with out us knowing. Our room is across the hall so he wakes up and says mommy or daddy and we get up with him.



answers from Miami on

Leave him in the crib...less problems with sleep, coming out constantly and waking in the night. Do not start sleeping in his room. That is a battle you do not want to start!!!! He will be fine when he is sick.


answers from Kansas City on

if you get a twin bed you will have plenty of room to cuddle up with him for a few minutes if he needs it - toddler beds DON'T have enough room! lol. i wouldn't bother with a trundle bed (the kind that pulls out from underneath) that's kind of a rotten habit you'd be getting him into. who wants to be chained to a toddler's demands to sleep in his room? plus if you get a toddler bed it just means another transition soon to a twin. you can get a bed rail for the twin, or, put the mattress on the floor for awhile before adding the bed, to make sure he doesn't fall out. my son fell out several times (once, three times in one night) before he got the hang of his twin.



answers from Chicago on

I would put your money toward the mesh rail that can be used on a twin bed, since you'd use it much longer. For our oldest we used the mesh rail on the crib at first, even though you're not supposed to and it doesn't fit just right. It wasn't for too long and then we put him in a twin bed, and moved the mesh rail to the twin bed. We recently removed it when he was 5 so we could put it on the 2 yo's bed. He has since fallen out of bed 3 times so I think we'll have to buy another one for his bed! For the 2 yo we put the mesh rail on the twin bed when he was about your son's age. He loved being in a big boy bed and has had no problems with the transition. In a twin bed there is also plenty of room for us to sleep in it together. (He nursed to sleep for awhile after moving beds-finally broke him of that habit!)


answers from Portland on

I think the pull out bed is made for kids mostly so you would want to check if it can hold up to an adult sleeping on it all the time. There are great mesh/net (?) style side rails if you go with a twin bed or one might work with the 4-in-1 crib when it's set up as a toddler bed. The ones I found were about 3-4 feet long and 1.5-2 feet high. I think they cost about $25.

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