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Updated on February 23, 2011
A.S. asks from Hollywood, FL
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What kind of bath tubs do you mommas use for your toddlers?? My LO is 13months old today, and i use the whale tub still, but it's just getting way too small for her. I would just use the regular tub, but cleaning it every single day right before bath time is not always a feasible chore. Plus i dont like the idea of using some kind of harsh chemical then sticking her in it afterwards. So, what kind of tubs do you all use or have used and prefer or dislike?

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So What Happened?

Thanks, mamas, for all the tips and advice! Cleaning out the tub just once a week is totally do-able. Idk why i thought i'd have to clean it every single night... especially cause i'm definitely not a sanitizing freak either, but stuff like that i just wasnt sure about. We're gonna try the 'big' tub out once i go buy a non-slip thing since our tub can get kinda slippery. Again, thanks for all your respones!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I used the older style blue bath seat in the tub. And I've never cleaned my tub before every bath either. I don't have the time or energy to clean 2 bathrooms like that every day, once a week and wipe things down as needed with clorox wipes.


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answers from Chicago on

I use my regular tub. I'm not sure why you would have to clean it each time before your baby takes a bath. Just stick her in it, she'll be fine.

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answers from Honolulu on

I had the "Primo Eurobath."
It is GREAT!
My kids, could use it even when they were 2 years old.
Or I bathed them in the laundry sink. Like how my Mom did with me and my siblings.

I never cleaned the bath/sink with chemicals. Only vinegar and baking soda.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I have been using the regular tub since my DD was 6 months old. We just rinse the tub every time, and wash it well once a week. As long as you are good about rinsing it after each use, it doesn't get that dirty. But you could always rinse with vinegar daily if it makes you feel better. Ooor... if your LO is steady enough on her feet, you could try sticking her in the shower with you. Just make sure to have a tub mat down to give her feet a better grip.

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answers from Dallas on

hey there, my DS is a little older (2 yrs old), but he's been in the regular bathtub for quite sometime, probly bout a year. and i don't clean my tub daily, just weekly. they're really not THAT dirty - lol. :) i think it'd be fine to use the regular tub & clean once/week. good luck on the transitioning part, but that wasn't bad for us either, so it should be okay. :)

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answers from Miami on

Why would you clean your tub everyday??? Gosh I must be horrible because my girls were in an "unclean" tub for weeks before it got a cleaning....let him have some fun in a REAL bathtub. There is so much to be learned at 13 months about the properties of water.

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answers from Port St. Lucie on

We used the Leachco safer bather (I think that is the name, my son is 6 so it's been a while) -it is like a thick pad, it was also what I used as his first 'bathtub' as a newborn. I used it in the big tub, so he had something small, stable and familiar to sit/lay on when we made the transition. It has a hook, so we hung t to try afterwards and it also goes in the washing machine, so I did that periodically too. As for cleaning the tub, I used my regulat 'harsh' cleaners, then cleaned again afterwards with something safe for him (Seventh Generation)...not sure if it makes a difference but I felt better about the last thing that cleaned the tub being kid safe but knowing I used strong cleaners for sanitation reasons :)

Here is a link to the safer bather:

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answers from Daytona Beach on

i've always used the regular tub for mine. mostly i used the shower with me in there too, so it could all get done at once. i put in play kitchen toys and they would play while i showered and showered them.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I tried ALL of the tubs/chirs/aids out there, it seemed.
Know what worked best for me?
The little yellow bear shaped foam sponge put right in the big tub & laid my son on it.
Rinse, wring it out, stand it up to dry and it worked the best for me.
And for about $3.99, you can replace it every month.



answers from Portland on

I have been using the regular tub since my baby was about 8 months old and she is 18 months now. She loves it! you don't have to use a lot of harsh chemicals, we clean it really good once a week and then rinse it with vinegar before she gets in at night. (Unless she poops, then we bleach it out.) We are starting potty training so that gets tricky. Anyway, she was in the kitchen sink at grandma's until the last month, so that is an option too. At least until the baby gets too big or splashes too much. Good luck. Change is hard for us parents, but good for the kids.



answers from Cleveland on

i use my regular tub, i clean the tub about once every week its not a big deal


answers from Bloomington on

I had an inflatable tub and used it until my oldest son was 2 1/2. It was safe, clean, used less water, and easy hung in shower to dry. It was like this one...
I have seen them at Babies R Us, Target, and Buy Buy Baby.



answers from Washington DC on

We used the baby bath til she got okay with the big tub (we eased out by asking "Big Tub or Little Tub" and over time she just started liking the big tub more). At 13 mo. she was still in the baby tub or the sink (we bathed her in the sink on our vacation).

To be honest, I've never cleaned a tub every time I put her in it. It gets a really good scrub once a week or so and I rinse it out before I fill it for her (if no one has used it first).



answers from Jacksonville on

y r u cleaning the regular tub every day? We use scrubbing bubbles foam and then hot water to rinise it good. My sensitve skin girls dont seem to have a problem with it. Just rinise the reg tub afterwards with hot water adn you should have to wash it everyday. They say if babies pee in the tub its not strong enough to harmfull but i always emptied the water and then cleaned it.

I do recommend using a bath seat so baby doesnt sleep and drown. I thinked the safety first one as it was definity sturdy, had a mommy pad and didnt slip around the tub.

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